Something New – Forge Quest


Forge Quest is a cute little title I picked up during the Steam Winter Sale. It’s a voxel-style ARPG.


It has some flaws, like some graphical issues that seem limited to AMD cards. There are some work-arounds available for some of them that involve editing xml files and re-generating levels with the new data, and another my coworker told me about where the second dungeon can generate in a way that makes it impossible to complete. He said it can be generated again and that can fix it, but it’s a known issue in a game that hasn’t been updated in a couple of years.

char create

The game does have a few different classes available, though it doesn’t make a huge difference. All it does it determine your starting gear, which will be replaced at some point, and your starting ability, which might save you a single skill point. The “Look” option includes the default appearance of every other class as well as some other odd options.

skill tree 1

It starts you with the first ability in whatever seems like the most appropriate of the three basic skills trees. You pretty much get one point per level and each box requires one point to unlock and usually has an additional couple of ranks you can get with more points if you need to. This is the only way of getting new abilities, other than using one of the variety of weapons available. Near as I can tell there is no actual restriction on what weapons and armor you can use, but some are obviously better suited to some builds than others.

skill tree 2

Once you’ve invested a certain number of points in the base tree it unlocks two specialization trees with additional passives and new abilities. On my other character I have all the the mage tree, two boxes of Mystic, and most of Wizard. It uses an Alchemy bomb featured in shortly, which gives a certain amount of mana back per usage. I can mix the bomb and basic magic missile attack pretty much indefinitely and have an area regen and a point blank AoE meteor attack, from mystic and wizard respectively. That build has worked fairly well for me so far, but can be a bit squishy when it gets swarmed to hard.

equipment 1

Equipment is pretty straightforward. Each item has a base level, a crafted level, and a rarity. The rarity, indicated by name color, seems to be weighted more heavily than level. A good pink drop will easily outperform a higher level item that’s only white, green, etc. Each item can be combined with other items at a forge to increase it’s crafted level. The crafted level caps out at 10 though, so even a great drop will eventually be replaced by a better piece of gear.


The higher rarity pieces of gear tend to have color coded rune slots for you to add additional stats. There do tend to be some trends, red is physical, blue is magic, and so on. It’s also possible to add and/or change the color of slots. They tend to be the same every drop, so if you start changing slot color you should be prepared to keep doing so.


Story-wise they game is fairly cute and a little off-color. The heroes winning and defeating the villains ruined an economy that relied on the constant conflict that had existed. The led to the creation of a guild to control and limit the number of heroes, for the good of society?


It also has an odd obsession with chickens. There’s even a special chicken vendor that only does business with chickens. Also with people in chicken masks, it turns out.

Overall it wasn’t bad, for the few dollars I paid for it. It probably won’t receive any more updates, as far as I can tell, so people with and AMD GPU should be prepared for some mucking about in the files, or just avoid it all-together.

Y’all stay safe, watch out for those pesky chickens. They’ll take over the area before you know it.

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