2018 in Hindsight

So, there are only a few notable things this year that stand out to me. One is that earlier in year the whole local group quit playing FFXIV, to which we haven’t really returned yet.

The other, quite obviously, is this blog. Everything else just sort of disappears in the daily routine. That very same routine is, in a way, like a cotter pin. It holds everything together.

So when I look back at what I’ve done on the blog this year I’ve got exactly 160 posts, not including this one. In a perfect world around 22 of those would be Something New posts, which I’ve been pretty consistent about. I just had to fix a half dozen or so posts that didn’t even have the something new tag.

  1. 8/19 – Guild Wars 2
  2. 8/26 – Bless Online
  3. 9/2 – Battletech
  4. 9/9 – MU Legend
  5. 9/16 – Abyss Oddysey
  6. 9/23 – Alien: Isolation
  7. 9/30 – Torchlight
  8. 10/7 – Torchlight 2
  9. 10/14 – Maplestory 2
  10. 10/21 – Alchemist’s Awakening
  11. 10/28 – Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  12. 11/4 – Galaxy Squad
  13. 11/11 – Lord of the Rings Online
  14. 11/25 – Secrets of Grindea
  15. 12/2 – EverSpace
  16. 12/9 – Treasure Adventure World
  17. 12/16 – Farm Together
  18. 12/30 – The Division

Not a bad run if I say so myself. It’s nice to see all the various new things I managed to get into this year. I’ve got quite a backlog going into 2019, a blessing and a curse, in a way.

Speaking of the new year, I don’t really do the resolution thing. There’s no special magic that makes things started now any different from something started another time. Like this blog, I’ve found it’s better to strike while the iron is hot. If you allow it to cool  you’re only going to break it.

While I was at it, I looked at my top three categories on the blog, other than something new that is.

  1. Rambling Thoughts – 56 Posts
  2. #blaugustreborn – 32 Posts
  3. Warframe – 18 Posts

I guess I do ramble a lot. I actually don’t like using that tag, for exactly that reason. I suppose at the end of the day that’s about a third of everything I’ve posted. In a way, I wouldn’t be me and the blog wouldn’t be itself without them.

The blaugust posts make sense, I suppose. I considered removing them, since I can expect it to roughly double if it happens again in 2019. I might, should I do a review like this again. This year, however, it should be there. As I have said many times in many places, I’m only typing this right now because that event happened.

Warframe ended up with roughly the same number as something new. I guess that shouldn’t surprise me, as both of them were weekly posts. I probably need to make my way back to Warframe at some point, but I’ve got to figure out where I’m headed, schedule-wise.

I’ve been really hitting my head against the lack of time within a day to get around to everything. Something needs to change in order to get where I want to be. I just haven’t identified what needs to change just yet. I’m sure something will work itself out eventually, just gotta be patient and keep going until I find a good path forward.

Y’all take care, don’t let The Year of the Justifiably Defensive Lobster hit you on the way out.

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