Something New To Me – The Division

Man, this title’s name is so appropriately ironic. Ubisoft got slammed when this title launched. I don’t particularly recall everything, but I remember there being an issue with some exploits creating obscenely overpowered gear which had a direct impact on the PvP zone, I imagine. It was very public and very bad.

I wasn’t playing then, so, uh, I don’t care? I participated in the XBox One beta back before the launch. I looked good, sure, but I wasn’t willing to pay for it. Now, however, I can and did pick up the “Gold Edition” on Uplay for $13.50 so I figured why not?

I must say, I’m rather enjoying the game, and probably would have back in the day too. This is because I play pretty much exclusively with my brother as a two man party. I only see other players in the PvE areas when I’m in the hub areas. Obviously the Dark Zone, or whatever it’s called, would be an entirely different matter.


The first several missions see you running around saving select people to unlock wings in your base of operations. You do additional missions and side missions to earn the various types of supplies needed to purchase upgrades for each wing. Each upgrade gives you additional skills, skill variants, talents, and/or perks. As you can see we’ve switched from our normal roles and I’m a little more healer/support than normal.

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It also has this cute little crafting system that uses a few different items that can be found in the world or obtained from disassembling old gear. There are higher rarity blueprints, like the blue ones, that require matching rarity components. These can be difficult to come by, but you can also exchange/upgrade a number of the lower quality ones for a higher quality one.


They also have a cosmetic clothing system. These items drop occasionally as loot and/or come from what I assume was DLC that’s included in the Gold Edition. I’m actually mildly annoyed that the “holiday hat” only comes in red and green. I wanted a blue one.

Where gameplay is concerned firefights were a lot more lethal than I’m accustomed to. Elite space ninjas and god-like heisters need not apply. Once we got a handle on the overall gameplay I started launching our missions in the “hard” difficulty, which is respectably difficult. We went from an occasional failure to sometimes 5-10 failures for large fights. The rewards are typically pretty good though, so it’s probably worth it if you’re not in a hurry to blow through the content.

Overall I’d say it goes a very good job of taking the tactical gunplay of Tom Clancy series games and mixing it with a more MMO type of format. I’d say that at this point, on the verge of the sequel, it’s actually a pretty solid title for it’s current sale price. I’ll get my $14 dollars worth anyway. I went ahead and threw my hat in the ring for the beta as well, though I certainly have no intention of pre-ordering the sequel. Ubisoft’s The Crew is the very reason why I no longer favor the pre-order method of purchasing things. Let others shoulder the risk, I’ll wait for the reviews and the gameplay videos.

Y’all take care, stay away from people with the future plague, whatever it’s called.

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