Abandoned Pets

So one of the odd side effects of living in the middle of nowhere is that we frequently get lost and abandoned pets showing up around the house. There’s a dirt lot on the corner near the house that I’m assuming most people use for this purpose, among others.


Today it was this poor little guy. We managed to lure her out and get he dried off. We’ve made arrangements with a breeder to have her rehomed, as we’re really not interested in taking in a new critter at the moment.

It’s actually hard to get an idea of scale from this picture, but this puppy is much larger and heavier than I’m accustomed to, especially considering how young she seems to be. I’d say she seems kinda like a saint bernard in build and overall fluff level.

Very sweet, but also very jumpy. She responded very positively to my presence but wouldn’t come closer than five feet without being lured. If I stepped on a stick and it snapped she would immediately run back to the little hole she was hiding out in.

Sadly, I’m assuming she’s an abandoned Christmas gift. A real shame too, though I’m glad we’ve managed to find a home instead of having to resort to a shelter. My experience with the local shelter isn’t particularly positive, but at least the animals there get food and shelter.

I’m also assuming that’s why so many poor critters get abandoned too. It’s easier to drive out into the countryside and toss them out than drive to the other end of the county and deal with the animal shelter. This is likely especially true given they’re probably flooded with unwanted pets already.

I find it sad and frustrating when I consider how many probably don’t make it to our house from the corner. While we don’t have a ton of coyotes, there are some in the area. There are also some more opportunistic critters running around. We had an opossum eating cat food off our porch for a while until we quit putting it out. Small and curious pets could easily run afoul of such creatures unintentionally.

On top of that, at least one of my neighbors is more likely to shoot stray critters than capture and rehome them, and there’s a major road right there. Many a thing has failed to cross the road by the house and it’s a fairly accident prone location on top of that.

Either way, this fuzzy little critter is lucky. Today, anyway. I’m gonna go pet the fuzzball and head towards bed. Y’all take care, please don’t abandon your pets in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t always end this happily.

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