The Repopulation – Crafting Shenanigans

So, Repop was trying to be a new place for all the old Star Wars Galaxies fans to go. One of the things that made SWG unique, then and now, is it’s crafting system. I can’t say that I’ve seen much like it myself. Little pieces, here and there, but nothing quite so involved and technical.


Okay, so in SWG materials were rotated weekly, I think. Any given week would have a set of semi-random resources with varying stats. The stats were seemingly random at first, but actually had a range. Copper always tended to be more conductive than iron, but a given batch could be more or less conductive than last week.

It added a nice layer of complexity, picking and choosing different materials for different purposes and stats, but also led to a slightly skewed market. The best material for a given application was referred to as “server best” and was often highly coveted and commanded quite a high price. People who weren’t around when it was up, or weren’t in a position to stockpile large amounts of it, had to purchase it if they wanted to compete in top tier goods.

base calibrite bar
hardwood firewood
Refined with this
finished calibrite bar
Makes this.

I believe Repop sought to address this with their system. A given resource always contributes the same amount of the same stat modifier. Calibrite refined with sulfur will always possess physical penetration, for example. Combining different refining agents allows you to tailor the modifiers of the ingot for a specific result.

quality wheel

What they did instead, though, was introduce a quality system throughout. Graded much like an assignment, F-A ascending, and 0-9 ascending within each letter. Essentially a 1-50 scale. This does affect the end result in a significant manner, if you have the skill to use it properly, but I feel that it’s easier to get an A grade resource in Repop than it is to wait for 999 conductivity copper to rng itself back around in SWG.


In theory, a game like this would have a large player base feeding into and off of the economy. One of the other features of SWG was it’s focus on a player-driven economy. There were very few npc vendors. This isn’t the case with Repop, but what you can get from an npc vendor is somewhat limited to basic items, usually of very low quality.

The thing is, Repop crafting is extremely involved. You can’t simply throw some cloth material into a crafting station and pop some cloth out. One of the natural cloth recipes looks like this:

hudson cloth

These trees aren’t in-game, by the way, they’re taken from

The Hudson Moss is easy. Basic heat sources like firewood are easy to come by, and distilled water is something you’re always making for various recipes. Additionally, the Destructive Distillation: Softwood recipe is part of the crafting tutorial.

The Sterilizing Agent is somewhat more difficult, but you can buy the basic version in white from a vendor. It’s F0 quality, but it works. All the others are recipes in their own right, of varying difficulties and complexities.

hok locations

That Potassium Bioxalate though. While not hard to make, depending on your location, it requires a very specific plant, Hok Weed. It took me quite a bit of time to figure out where I could even get some. None of these locations are super close to me. I’ve tried to get some from the Leverstow area, but it wasn’t safe and I ended up dead.


It’s all so very complicated that most of the information is available via in-game database, which is where those locations were pulled from.

Unfortunately the zone line mob is currently the toughest one in the game, resulting in quite a few crashes and odd effects. This means travel can turn into an ordeal.

For all it’s flaws, I like it. I liked SWG gathering and crafting too, even if I wasn’t all that great at it. Takes all kinds, we couldn’t all be top tier crafters. Someone had to make low tier budget gear.

Y’all take care, try not to give yourself a headache looking at all this mess. It’s hard enough to follow when you want to.

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