The Repopulation – Quick Follow Up

So, I mentioned the other day that the game got a long awaited patch recently. I finally got a moment to jump in and poke around a little bit.

Some of it is the same as I remember. Animations can still be a little odd, and there are quite a few graphical oddities occurring regularly, along with some strange bugs. I have to return to character select and log back in every once in a while or things get weird. Quests not completing, gathering nodes not appearing, that sort of thing.

Combat is also smoother, especially in the sense that you can actually succeed now. There was a bug prior to the last patch that made hitting things difficult at times.

Overall it’s still really rough, but is improved over the last time I played. I may try to go over it more fully in another post, but it’s 10 minutes to midnight, so I really don’t have the time at the moment.

The crafting system alone I could write an entire post about. There are a great many disciplines and they’re all interwoven to an extent that there’s a form of in-game database/wiki that’s constantly being referred to.

Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.

Y’all take care, Christmas is almost upon us.

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