Winter Sale Weirdness and Steam Awards

Right, Steam Sale. They have a lot of new things I don’t recall seeing last year. Either that or I totally forgot they existed.

extremely cozy cottage.png

One of them is the Extremely Cozy Cottage, which is like a Steam Sale Advent Calendar. Quite honestly, it’s only because my wife is from a catholic family that I even know what and advent calendar is. I totally wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. So far it’s given me a steam emoji, a profile background, and an odd consumable sort of thing?

chocolate orange

Is weird. I like chocolate oranges though, real ones anyway.

They also have the Steam Awards up for voting. The results aren’t going to be announced until early February though. I’m guessing first week or so since that’s when the items expire? I’m sure I’ll go over the winners then, if I notice.

  • Game of the Year
    • I voted for Monster Hunter: World. Honestly it was the only thing on the list that I’ve played, so yeah.
  • VR Game of the Year
    • I just voted for Skyrim VR. I really don’t have an opinion here, but of the things on the list that’s the one I’d most want to play. VR’s to expensive, yo.
  • Labor of Love
    • I stuck with No Man’s Sky on this one. They’re really invested a lot of time turning this one around. Path of Exile would also be a decent choice. I like Stardew Valley and all, and it’s certainly a labor of love for Eric Barone, but it other than multiplayer we haven’t had much movement on it this year. I don’t even know why GTA 5 or DotA 2 are on the list.
  • Best Developer
    • This category was unique in that it has 10 options instead of five. I voted for Digital Extremes, the developer of Warframe. CD Project Red would have been my alternate choice.
  • Best Environment
    • I remember not liking the description of this particular category, and I believe I nominated Alien: Isolation. I ended up voting for Subnautica, though I’ve only played it for maybe 5 minutes.
  • Better With Friends
    • Still Payday 2. It’s the title I nominated too.
  • Best Alternate History
    • I haven’t played any of these titles, so I just voted for Civ 6 and moved on.
  • Most Fun With a Machine
    • I’ve only played two of these, Euro Truck Sim, which was meh, and Space Engineers, like a year or so ago. I voted for Factorio, because why not?

red diamond.png

Speaking of Payday 2, I finally managed to get that rare vault spawn I’ve been after the last couple of days. Had to up the difficulty to increase the spawn chance, which means we pretty much had to stealth it. I tend to die quickly at the higher difficulty levels, especially when I’m using my stealth gear.

Either way, I’m off to bed. I’ve got a lot of things I want to get done tomorrow, and I’d like to be able to sleep plenty before I do them. Despite having some time off, Tuesday is pretty much spoken for in it’s entirety. Y’all stay safe.

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