Payday 2 – Blood Diamond

So we’re now a little over halfway towards finishing up our 20 achievements each. My brother has 7 left and I have 9 left. We’ve pretty much just been working on whatever popped up until we got sick of fooling with it then tried something else for a while.

That wasn’t the case tonight though. We spent a little time trying to open 40 boxes on the White Xmas mission and got that done within a few tries. Tough but doable.

Then we spent two to three hours doing the same mission over and over. Not because it’s difficult though. At this point we’ve got a pretty good handle on the flow of the mission and actual failures are rare. The thing is, the vault that contains the thing we need for the achievement only has a 10% spawn rate, and it typically takes 6-10 minutes to figure out if it’s there. We haven’t seen it yet, not once.

It’s odd and mildly frustrating to be held up by rng rather than our ability to execute the mission.

We eventually gave up and finished it to replace the cash we were spending on consumables every run. I’m assuming I have pretty much the same thing to look forward to tomorrow, or some other time. Depends on if it pops up again I guess.

That another layer of rng, but not one that bothers me as much. The missions that are available at any given moment are limited. They’re only on a 15-20 second timer, but there are a lot of them. It’s possible to purchase them, but at the difficulty we’re doing some of these, that can get a bit expensive. I’m generally to cheap to buy them, even with fake money.

At least it’s not frustratingly difficult to do. Even a run where the vault doesn’t spawn feels like a successful run, just not one that yielded something I needed.

Sooner or later we’re going to have to open our missions up. Some of these things are just not suited to two players, and one of mine literally isn’t possible unless you have four humans.

Anyway, I need to get off here and go to bed. Y’all take care, make sure you get some sleep.

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