Mordenkainen’s Potato Pie

Sorry, I got sidetracked. Through a series of odd and random clicks that predictable began on reddit, I found myself on what appears to be a tumblr blog. The url is It’s also where I got my title for this post. I was admittedly just skimming the posts content and hit that and Bigby’s Gluring Strazbert and went “wait a minute… I know those names, why are they here?”

It’s mostly posts about setting up neural networks to mimic a variety of text inputs, from food and cocktail recipes to horror movies and animal species. I admittedly spent quite some time reading through them and probably laughed more than I should have.

I really need to make an effort to get my dev Pi back up and running so I can play around with stuff like this. One of the ones they use the most on that blog is python based, it would seem.

While it’s beyond the scope of anything I have time to play with, I’d love to learn more about the underlying Neural Network stuff. It seems to be coming up more and more often in the last several years. I’d love to feed it all my blog posts and see what kind of garbage it would spit out, but the sample size would be so small that I doubt it would be very interesting. Most of those posts are talking about 1000 or so data points. That would be nearly three years of daily blog posts.

We’ll see. It’s on a very long list of things that I’d like to do at some point, but simply don’t have the time. I was making a mental list of all desired, current, and shelved projects at the moment and, well, it was unrealistically extensive. Gotta really think about what I want to get done and when I can spend time on it.

Couple of them are holiday related projects too, so I’m gonna go do that and see if I can’t get something done today. Y’all stay safe out there.

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