The Repopulation – Technically Not Dead Yet

You know, it’s so easy for me to forget about this title. It can easily go one to three months without any sort of announcement or update. To be fair, it’s had a rocky history.

I originally became aware of it around the time leading up to H1Z1’s original debut. I remember it being discussed because some of the old Star Wars Galaxies fans were pointing people towards Repop, and Smedley’s comments about H1Z1 were around the same time, so it was part of the discussion as well.

I can always do a full post about it, should their impending update prove enough to get me playing it again. This is much more of a commentary of a former player than it is overview.

I was really surprised to see the little steam announcement popup. I had completely forgotten the game existed. Again.

A lot of the details of the games history are really fuzzy to me, to be honest. The game itself is based on the Hero Engine, which I believe was intended for use as an MMO engine. SWTOR is apparently built using this engine as well.

The interface and systems were designed to be similar to Star Wars Galaxies, at least visually. It had/has a ridiculously complicated crafting system, with a ton of cross-discipline sub components.

It was plagued by numerous problems though.

The first is that I’ve played games in “alpha” with more polish than Repop has. The overall appearance of things is rough, the animation is rough, sometimes non-existent, if memory serves. Almost every system felt that way. It was technically functional, but very rough.

Yet, I like the idea. Somewhere along the way the game developers had a bit of a falling out with the engine developers. I’d have to look up the details now but I believe, ultimately, that the money ran out and the servers were shut down. Development moved to Unity, I think, as a non-MMO survival game called Fragmented. The goal was to resuming working toward the original project, but in the new engine. Steamdb says none of the depots have been updated since August of 2017, so I’m guessing that fire died out.

Somewhere along the line Hero Engine decided to pick up the rights to Repop and develop it themselves. I’ve always assumed it was to have some form of project to show off the strengths of their engine.

What they got was, allegedly, poorly optimized code that worked around their engine instead of with it. To the extent that they weren’t able to issue proper updates the way they’re supposed to, or something? It’s been about a year and a half and they’re finally about to release the big patch they’ve been talking about the whole time, I guess? Supposed to be tomorrow (12/18/18)

I’ll probably at least stick my head in and take a look around. I do every once in a while, just to remind myself why I don’t do it more often. I don’t even know if they could round up enough players to give it a good go now. Last time I looked it was a ghost town. I don’t even remember if I saw another player. It’s not dead yet though, so who knows what the future holds. I had given up hope when the initial server shutdown occurred.

Their official post about it is here. I gotta go get some work done, y’all stay safe.

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