Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb

So, I guess after about the second bomb threat at work within about a month, this is a thing now?

I don’t really get it myself, though I understand the frustration and anger behind it. The building is fairly well monitored, so I don’t really know what they expected. In fact, most of the details aren’t available, so I don’t know if “they” have been apprehended or not. I would assume they’ve at least been identified at this point though.

The idea that makes the most sense is an attempt to drive change through fear. Terrorism, basically. Could be some manner of internal policy change or someone who wants to try and take down “the man” while minimizing innocent deaths? I mean, that’s the point of a threat right? To accomplish some task by saying you’ll do something the other party won’t like, in the hopes that they buy it, so that you won’t actually have do do the something.

If there was actual intent to conduct some manner of bombing or attack, you’d think telling everyone about it beforehand would be, well, counterproductive. That said, we’re not exactly talking about the most well adjusted members of society either. It’s likely they discussed it with co-conspirators or something and that’s what made it sound like a good idea to begin with.

It reminds me of a story from May about a teen from Texas who was arrested for planning an attack on a nearby mall. Undercover agents had talked to him off and on for quite some time and he had discussed and even planned it assuming the agents would also be present with him. I can find the news story itself, but not the full text I read at the time with all the little details. It was a fascinating read.

All in all, I don’t think any explosive put together by your average citizen with readily available materials would be a huge threat unless you were in it’s general vicinity. I’m not exactly worried about the roof falling on my head. Neither is the business it seems. We have only learned about these things via word of mouth and news reports. They did evacuate the building this time, though, which was nice of them.

We have, of course, been given the all clear and told no explosives were found, according to the news reports anyway.

On the upside, I’m more likely to slip on the ice-covered parking lot and get a concussion than I am to get blown up, I think. That or ran over by a car that can’t stop. The ice threat is high enough to close schools but business marches on. Sadly the only ice I’ve actually seen today was in the parking lot.

Okay, well, I’ll go be disgruntled somewhere else. Y’all have a good day. Take off every Zig, for great justice! I’ve been on the internet to long. That was totally a thing, like, 20 years ago.

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