Something New – Treasure Adventure World

Okay, this is a pretty cute little game. It’s a platformer/metroidvania sort of game. It’s mostly platforming with some light combat and puzzle solving. It features quite a lot of text only dialogue too.


It focuses on a sort of genderless child who’s lost their memory and has an extraordinarily useful prosthetic hook hand. Some of the NPC seemed a little uncomfortable talking about it. It’s really handy for supporting your entire body weight from these loops.


The first bit is pretty much forcing you to get acquainted with the controls and playing with things like levers. The purpose is to climb to the top of a hill and find grandpa because it’s your “special day,” the anniversary of the day they found you.


After that a bird showed up and started telling me what to do. It also solved my case of silent protagonist by talking for me occasionally.

paper hat

I also went and killed some more bugs so I could get a paper hat.

You know, in my personal opinion, that bird is a bit on the lawless side. It wanted me acquire a boat so we could go collect 12 treasures to get a wish. They work like Dragon Balls I guess?


After some light breaking and entering I managed to borrow a boat, with permission, and start wandering around. One side of the island was inaccessible because of the sail on the ship so I went the other way and ended up on an island of talking animals. They were a bit down with the sickness but I couldn’t figure out how to get to the location I needed in order to help them. I’m assuming I need some manner of item or power up that I don’t have yet.


So I bought a sail from a spider pawn broker and went back to where I couldn’t go before. Y’know, typical metroidvania stuff. Go here to get the thing that lets you go there to get some other thing, etc.

sewer monster.png

Along the way I ended up fighting this giant slime monster guy in some sewers. I got a new bit of health for it.


I, uh, left through the toilet. I stopped shortly after that so I could actually write this post.

Overall I like it. The art style, while somewhat simple, looks good and cohesive. The soundtrack is great. I particularly enjoyed the track during the opening cutscene and how it reflected the nature of what was going on in the cutscene.

I didn’t particularly like the controls. They were somewhat strange and I had several times that I struggled with hitting the thing I meant to. It also has that “you selected the wrong dialogue option so now you have to listen to the whole thing and repeat is the default selection dialogue box after it.” I may or may not have repeated the same conversation three or four times at one point.

It also had some stability issues at first and absolutely hates losing focus. I crashed it a couple of times trying to do something in my browser while I was playing. Seemed pretty stable as long as you didn’t try to multitask though.

Reckon that about covers it. I’ll catch y’all on the flipside.

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