Blue Saturday

Blue with shades of grey? It’s a reference to the Tom Petty song Blue Sunday. It’s been cold, drizzly and grey all day which is what made me think of the song. (link for the curious) It’s a rather somber sort of song, but it suits the weather. I believe it plans to stay this way for several days.

It’s funny, while I grew up listening to a lot of “classic rock” which now includes the stuff that was contemporary back then. Blue Sunday was from The Last DJ, which my parents, the reason I was even listening to classic rock, dismissed as overly cynical. Maybe it seemed that way then, but I’ve always liked it. It almost seems more relevant now in some ways.

As we celebrate mediocrity; all the boys upstairs wanna see; how much you’ll pay for whatcha used to get for free.

I’d say he was rather fed up with the corporate nature of large music studios when he wrote it. There are several songs aside from the title track about it. Money Becomes King, and Joe come to mind. It’s certainly not a positive or upbeat collection of music.

The whole CD was released in 2002, so it’s been a minute.

googly wither

Have a googly-eyed wither to counteract the grey mood. Y’all take care.

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