I really dislike these late night posts.

It’s always fun when life doesn’t exactly cooperate. I’ve been busy enough dealing with work related things at work that I haven’t really had time to write much. Doing work at work, imagine that. It’s not a complaint really, it’s the price I pay for the quiet times when nothing is going on.

I also came home and fell asleep immediately after dinner. Probably a good thing, I know I needed some extra sleep. So here I am writing close to midnight again.

I will likewise be busy tomorrow. We have a birthday party to through and the kids are naturally excited. I mean, what child doesn’t like cake, ice cream, and presents?

In fact, I’ve been hearing about it every day this week.

I need to sit down and make a to-do list. My ongoing chaotic schedule is something I don’t really handle well. A little bit of chaos is good, but I’m a routine oriented person with very little routine left. My post times are a good example, they’re all over the place. It’s still getting done though.

In fact, I noticed in a well liked email I sent at work, that doing this every day has impacted the way I write other things. That email was written much the same way I write a blog post. I think even the tone was similar, though that was purposeful. I was extremely… agitated… at the time, so I deliberately wrote, re-wrote, and edited to try and maintain a fairly moderate tone. One that communicated my perspective and how strongly I felt about it but remained respectful and neutral.

It’s an interesting change, to me. I’ve constructed similar messages on the topic before, but they typically stayed unsent drafts because I never felt like I got the tone right.

I’m rapidly running out of time though, and I need to get back to sleep. Y’all take care.

2 thoughts on “I really dislike these late night posts.

  1. “One that communicated my perspective and how strongly I felt about it but remained respectful and neutral.”

    Ooooh. But then you’re missing out on all the drama… 😀 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heh, I wish. It’s a much more muted kind of drama. The kind that happens in meetings I’m not invited to with people so far above my paygrade they live at “headquarters.”

      Now we magically have an audit in about an hour, imagine that.

      It’s a cruel thing though, I enjoy watching the business get worked up. It’s liking kicking an anthill and then watching all the little ants scurry about trying to put it all back together.


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