Modded Minecraft – Stoneblock

Here, let me randomly smack you with some Minecraft. Honestly it’s not something I play very often, but occasionally we like to find strange mod packs, fire up a private server, and poke around for a couple of weeks.

Honestly we’ve done it enough now that I recognize a lot of the standard mods. I’m starting to think Tinker’s Construct, for example, is in just about everything now. It’s easy to forget it’s not a base-game feature. We’ve also done it enough that I got a lecture from my son about how we’ll never finish the modpack, we’ll just play a couple week then stop.

The entire premise of this modpack is the opposite of skyblock, where you start on a tiny island in the air with only a tree, I think. I haven’t played it much. In this one you pretty much spawn in a small cavern made of stone with a torch and a quest book. You start by punching stone to get pebbles, which I guess makes about as much sense as punching trees to get logs.


The quest tree does a decent job at slowly advancing your capabilities, but they also assume a fair amount of knowledge regarding how to use some these things and how to automate it’s use. The vast majority base components involve smacking things with a hammer to change it then sifting it. The hammer scale goes something like cobblestone->gravel->dirt->sand->dust, with each one having different drops and drop chances in the sifter among other uses.

super sifter.png

My brother built this thing I’ve been referring to as “your giant machine” but have decided to call the “super sifter” It’s an automated version of the above process.

sifter chest

Left to run on it’s own it produces a variety of things, but it’s primary purpose is to provide ore pieces for us to build other things.


He also has a bunch of special chickens providing all kinds of things, from black quartz to actual eggs. This picture is actually an upgraded version that was installed after I went to bed, it would seem.


Unfortunately it’s 100% underground/solid stone doesn’t lend itself well to being decorative. That’s actually on my list of things to work on over the next day or so. It’s just so… bland. Each one of the little colored squares in the map is a single block though, so the whole thing is actually quite cozy and compact.

I reckon that’s enough Minecraft though. It’s so overdone that a little bit goes a long way yeah?

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