Christmas Parades Make Me Feel Like the Grinch

Got several things rattling around in my head now and none of them are well thought out enough to form an entire coherent post. I was also telling my wife last Friday that the older I get the more sympathetic I am towards the Grinch, particularly at the beginning of the story. Spirit, be it holiday, team, or any other variety, really isn’t my thing. I’d rather be at home, honestly.

Of course, that’s the difference, the Grinch left home to harass the annoying locals and I generally couldn’t be bothered. I’d rather not interact with the general public, much less go to a parade. Ironic, in a way, since I write posts on the internet and try to respond to all comments. It seems, well, hypocritical.

Our little city had it’s Christmas parade last Friday, the 30th. Seems to me it oughta be in December but at least they waited till after Thanksgiving I guess. Their overall theme this year could be summed up as “Whoville.”

Don’t get me wrong, I have an odd attachment to the old animated movie. It’s one of those things that was always on TV and I somehow ended up watching.

Anyway, the parade. We actually got a really good location on the square this year, which is much closer to the starting point than the park we’re normally at. As a result there was just an obnoxious amount of candy thrown at the crowd. Three kids gathering into a single bag I think they got more than they did at Halloween, it’s crazy.

It lasted, like, 24 hours. The candy, that is.

They had a ton of fun, which was the point of the thing. Normally there are complaints about how they want that thing over there, that child is picking up all the candy, and oh yeah, I need to use the bathroom. Again. This year went really well.

Come to think of it I didn’t see any vendors wandering around selling glow sticks and junk like they do around our usual location. I wonder if that’s just a location thing or they weren’t allowed. Strange. I’m so used to ignoring them that I didn’t notice their absence.

I think the location has a lot to do with it though. Parade arrived sooner, which meant less waiting for the kids and we got to leave earlier with the aforementioned ton of candy.

I probably should have taken some pictures or something. I should really make an effort to do that more. Add it to the flaming pile of ideas I’m burning in the corner for heat.

Anyway, I’ll quite going on about our local parade and go get some work done. Y’all shop safe out there.

















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