Something New – EverSpace

This is a very strange game. At a glance it looks quite similar to the space flight portion of No Man’s Sky and reminded me of Elite as well. It’s actually a rogue-like, something I don’t normally play much of, and the comparison to No Man’s Sky space flight is pretty spot on for the most part.

flying fuel.png

The game pretty much consists of small asteroid belt areas with a variety of other ships and resources hanging out. Some ships, like the ones belong to the mining company G&B are neutral, while others labelled “outlaw” and an alien race called “Okkar” with tense enough relations that they’re aggressive.

Combat itself is pretty straightfoward. Laser weapons so far tend to be shield damage focused and kinetic weapons tend to be hull damage focused. There are some exceptions like the Beam Laser while has a balanced shield/hull damage. Combat can be extremely dangerous when you’re outnumbered. In addition to hull damage you can also have internal system damage like life support. This is much more like Elite where you now have a certain amount of time to repair it, which may require gathering resources first.

Resources themselves are oddly balanced. Things like Salvage, ore, and plasma are fairly easy to obtain, while many of the others are not.

tunnel asteroid

When looking for resources I eventually learned that visual identification from a distance is the best way, at the moment. Resource containing asteroids and shipwrecks tend to be visible from a decent distance, as are many of the defended structures that have better loot.

floating item.png

When things do drop they tend to just float around in space until you fly close enough to automatically collect it or interact with it. Any equipment drops you don’t want can be broken down for more resources.


There are also equipment blueprints that drop from time to time. These are quite nice because it allows you to modify your stuff on your terms instead of waiting until that one part you like drops.


After you’ve mostly depleted the resources you may want to leave. There appears to be some manner of per-system time limit before a heavily armed Okkar fleet drops in and starts giving you a hard time. You do so by aligning with this green thing until it’s done charging. This consumes fuel to do and can only be done four times on the default tank size of 100. 25 per, I guess.


Once you’ve done that you can choose one or more target systems to travel to. Some sectors have a more complicated branching structure and there’s probably some amount of strategy in path choice is you have the skills to see what’s in different systems.

jump gate.png

The ultimate goal is to reach the final system and travel through the jump gate to the next sector. Unlike the hyperjump this doesn’t consume any fuel.


When, not if, you get killed, you’ll be shown a summary of that particular run and returned to a setup screen for the next run. The biggest thing here are the credits and the new blueprints.

skill tree.png

The credits are invested in various skills in increments. They do a wide variety of things, all geared toward making the next run more successful in some way. You don’t get to keep them, so you may as well burn them all before you start a new run.

This is also where blueprints are nice. See, much like any rogue-like, any resources and ship parts you collected in the previous run are now lost. Any blueprints you collect are persistent, so if you get a blueprint you can craft that item again during any subsequent runs instead of waiting till you find one.


Each run also has it’s own difficulty setting. Pretty much boils down to easier being less rewarding.

The game does a decent job at having a variety of lore and some internal narrative. I haven’t gotten far enough to get much of it, but it exists. A nice touch in what would otherwise be an oddly flavored rogue-like.

For my overall opinion I’d say it’s a good game. The standard price is a little steep at $30 USD but it seems to be on sale during every major steam sale, and the winter sale should be up in the next month or so. I personally paid about $8 for the base game and may look at the DLC during the winter sale to see what it looks like.

Live long and prosper? This game really doesn’t lend itself to either one.

2 thoughts on “Something New – EverSpace

    1. I don’t actually think I’ve done those but I had a hard time getting into swtor when I played. I was the one person in the group that actually subbed and had the “cool stuff” which was really off-putting for the others.

      EverSpace did look good, though as space games go I’m really fond of the visuals in Elite. Still haven’t seen a black hole though.


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