Oh, Right, a Title, I Forgot

I am apparently really irritable at the moment, and it’s rather, well, irritating, that I’m not certain why. On the bright side, being aware of it means I can compensate for it while I figure it out.

It was most apparent last night when I quit playing a game out of sheer frustration with back to back failures. The reasons for that were pretty obvious though, I was severely under leveled for the content I was trying to do, even managing to get about 75-80% through it, but simply couldn’t get that last bit. I’ll just round up some more xp and try it again, hopefully tonight.

In other news, I think I’m done with LotRO for now. It’s not really anything to do with the game itself, I just have other things that are higher priority right now. I’ve been trying to analyze the things I play, and have played, and there’s a discernible trend away from the things I traditionally liked.

Outside of trying to play something different each week, I don’t give much thought to single player experiences. Almost all of my time is spent in co-op style gameplay with my brother, even the MMOs. Single player games require a specific and deliberate choice not to do so, but I’d rather be playing games with him than by myself.

I’ve also noticed a general tendency towards what I’ve been calling “short-cycle” gameplay. That is, a game broken up mostly into “mission” style segments in the 15-60 minute per mission range. Each one is a standalone event with some manner of reward or compensation at the end. Warframe, Payday 2, most dungeons in FFXIV, the trade missions we were doing in Elite, all of these fall into that short(ish) timeframe.

My problem is that when I say that, I have a hard time finding a situation that can’t be shoehorned into it somehow. Any manner of themepark MMO one could make a quest = mission comparison. The part that fails is that quests are typically, but not always part of a chain or sequence of events that extends over a longer period of time. My other examples tend more towards isolated and disconnected experiences with no intended narrative. The only distinguishing factor then is the difference between “I want to do more in order to experience more ‘story’ content” and “I want to do more in order to meet some arbitrary advancement goal.”‘ Still not a whole lot of difference, really.

In fact, I almost feel like my statement is essentially “I like games.” At this point it seems to me that “short-cycle” is merely one aspect of the gameplay in addition to whatever “mid-cycle” and “long-cycle” might be.

I’ve had this post open and in progress for… eight hours. I’m just gonna leave it there for today, y’all take care.

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