Something New – Secrets of Grindea

So we’re currently looking at doing a YouTube series of the two of us playing through Secrets of Grindea. One thing I think I like about this is it gives me a video to link inside my something new post in addition to still shots. Actually makes it a little easier to pull some of the stills because I can just pull frames from the video itself.

fae city

It’s a 2D overhead adventure game that plays a lot like Zelda or Legend of Mana with a few bits that remind me Ragnarok Online. Especially the rare card drops from mobs. The premise is that you’re an adventurer of sorts, called a Collector, that runs around, well, getting into trouble and ultimately collecting… things…

skill tree.png

As you gain experience and levels you accrue skill points that can be spent on a variety of different abilities. Blue point go up to rank five and after that it takes the much less common gold points.

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There are three general skill categories, melee and magic are fairly straightforward, general is mostly buffs and debuffs. There’s also three separate “Talent” areas with a variety of different bonuses that use the pink/purple orb things instead of the normal skill points.


The game also has a basic character customization before you start. It doesn’t have a ton of options, but enough to make yourself a little unique.

Overall it’s a rather cute little game. It reminds me a lot of the SNES era rpgs with a dash of update thrown in. In the time that we’ve played so far we’ve broken a curse on a forest, awoken some sort of ancient floating fortress and defeated a giant robot thing inside. We also managed to impress the great announcer Senic Plott, beat up an arrogant rich kid, and buy a house that’s bigger on the inside. Not all of that has been made available in video form yet though.

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