Payday 2

So this is one of those mission based team shooters, not a lot unlike Warframe in some ways, that I’ve played off an on for years. It’s ultimate flaw is how repetitive it gets after a while, but aside from that there’s a ton of stuff to do. The game has some 1130 achievements for the avid completionist. I only h ave around 20% of them myself. I make an attempt at one here or there, but that’s it. Some of them are extremely absurd.

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The game has the ability to set up different loadouts for different situations, even allowing for different skill sets once you’ve unlocked them. All the gear is purchased using spending money once you’ve met whatever unlock requirement it has, be it level, achievement, or card drop.

The basic premise of any given mission is to avoid being detected by civilians, cameras, and various forms of law enforcement.

While opening things designed to keep you out, mostly by babysitting the most finicky jam-prone drills ever invented.

To get bags of loot that you have to take and drop off in a designated location that may or may not already be there or periodically leave.

All the while keeping an eye out for random collectibles. Some of which are for achievements and some of which unlock a mod or item after you collect a certain number of them.

police assault

And trying not to get “arrested.” In fact, if you try to leave during an assault without the proper perks/assets it has a chance of triggering an additional “escape mission” that you must do before you get your reward.

Which is generally experience, cash, and a card drop. Experience is actually received after every day of a mission. Cash is only at the end and is split between offshore account, usually used for account upgrades and mission contracts, and spending cash, which is used for gear and gear upgrades. The card drop is also once per mission at the end and basically gives you a random reward that’s typically not the thing you wanted. Most of the gear mods, masks, mask patterns, mask colors, and the rare “safes” that used to be a paid lockboxes, come from these drops. There are so many things that can possibly drop that getting any one specific drop is really unlikely, which is where a lot of the grind can be towards late-game.

Not shown here is that while the level cap is 100 they have an “Infamy” rank up system that gives you a small bonus and resets your level, allowing you to do it again, if you so choose. There are some good reasons to do this, aside from exclusive masks and such there are also xp bonuses and such.

Either way, that’s Payday 2 in a nutshell, so to speak. It’s not new, in fact I half expect we’ll hear about Payday 3 in the next year or so. It’s fun once in a while and actually on sale if for some reason it looks interesting to you.

Y’all take care, watch out for those cloakers and bulldozers, they mean business.

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