Not A Warframe Post

I mean, all I did was grind faction standing. Rank 4 of 5, seven days of max to finish.

In other news, my brother is working on spinning up a YouTube and Twitch channel that would feature primarily him but also include me. I’ll make sure to have a post about it once it’s fully operational.


Also, my new Pi Zero boards finally arrived. I knew they were small, but man are they small! That’s it laying on a gift card. It’s so… tiny.

Honestly I’ll most likely switch my Retropie install over to the Zero and get my 3 back so I can resume working with Python. I’ve been letting the kids play old SNES titles on it. I have a massive library of games in the basement by my hardware is a little worse for wear these days. Ironically it’s my youngest who has taken to these games more than the others, he was literally jumping up and down playing Super Mario World last night.

My wife also got her first bad review from someone who bought rabbits. People are weird sometimes. She continually insisted that she got ripped off, for reasons that had been communicated to her, on a very large purchase that my wife had very steeply discounted. We’re talking 75-80% off range. We’ve sold individual rabbits for what she paid for eight.

Either way, my coworker isn’t here so I’m pulling double duty and need to go get on it.

Y’all stay safe and if you’re eatin’ turkey tomorrow good luck.

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