Inc, Thanksgiving

Y’know, all in all, this is one jacked up holiday. Really it’s an excuse to sell food and eat even more obscenely than we already do, preferably with friends and/or family. Based on this cute story about native americans teaching us how to grow food and we get along and have a feast together. What an idealistic fiction. In truth our rather puritan ancestors didn’t have specific day, a thanksgiving was more of an on-demand prayer, giving thanks to God sort of event.

Dispensing with the so-called history of the thing and viewing it purely as modern, it seems just as commercialized as any other holiday anymore. I have fond memories of large feasts held at my grandmother’s house as a child, but there was also a veritable army of people cooking. Things for me now are much smaller and private affair, as I’m rather estranged where my extended family is concerned. This leaves just my wife and I to cook things. Of course, we don’t need massive amounts of food for just the few of us either.

I’m loathe to waste food as it is. I try to err on the side of smaller portions rather than larger ones. I realize our sort of economy supermarket style of shopping doesn’t make food look all that scarce, but we as a country didn’t get fat through moderation. While it’s not practical or safe for me to distribute left overs, if I don’t buy it to begin with it has a chance of helping people who need food. I know a couple of our local grocers donate food at or near it’s expiration date to food banks and missions.

Preparing for this event has other effects too, making sure the table is up to code, so to speak. We’ve been putting off repairs on ours for a while so we stopped and did that this weekend. Ended up replacing the whole tabletop. The old one is salvageable, but the veneer is heavily damaged and will have to be removed to make it look good. Likewise I have to round up the missing chairs that have wandered off to serve various roles throughout the house, including the one that’s doing computer chair duty.

It’s actually really weird, I can’t point to a specific time when we transitioned to this sort of [holiday] as a list of tasks thing. Seems to have been a fairly subtle change. I think maybe that’s because it was a slow change from the massive family gatherings to the increasingly smaller ones over time. I can’t tell if that’s a general cultural trend or just how things spun out within our family.

Either way, I dunno, think of something you’re grateful for, or not. I’m not taking up papers and grading it, especially given that it’s primarily a US holiday. Has it even spread overseas? I image most people have at least heard of it.

Come to think of it, I also have to answer the question about whether or not I’ll have a blog post that day. We’ll see, that only just now occurred to me.

72 hours and counting. Happy Turkey Day, and take care.

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