Final Fantasy XIV – Wait, what?

So something not mentioned much before is that myself and some friends actually spent quite a long time playing XIV. Somewhere in the year to year and a half range. We quit during the latter part of Sigmascape out of sheer boredom. We had done as much of the current content at the time as we enjoyed.

Now not only have they shown us a new expansion, but a new class as well, and hints for at least one more. The expansion video is fairly vague, as tends to be the case. It looks like they’re expanding on the story involving the warriors of darkness and implying that we may need to do the same thing they were.


Among the things we see in this video is Thancred with a gunblade. This suggests they may be added the long awaited gunblade wielding class into the game. We don’t really know what role it would be, though I’d guess it’s probably DPS with a chance of tank. Healing just doesn’t seem likely.

blue mage

In a separate video we see the Blue Mage revealed. Technically part of Stormblood, I heard, but have not verified, that it’s scheduled for the 4.5 patch. From the video it appears to bear at least a nod to the way Blue Mage worked previously, learning monster abilities and then reusing them. Again, the video make it look like a DPS class. It depends heavily on what their entire set of abilities turn out to be. They could certainly fit in any role Squenix wanted it to go into. Heaven forbid it actually has the ability to perform multiple roles. The closest thing we have to that now would be the Summoner/Scholar split, which are technically the same level but in fact two separate classes.

Guess it’s time to dust off my Dark Knight and start relearning my rotations and setting my hotkeys back up. I probably couldn’t tank my way out of a wet paper bag these days.

that one time.png
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