Unreasonable and Misguided Anger

Man was I hot this morning. After doing a google search to try and nail down the problem I was having with the new WordPress editor and see if there was something I could do to fix it, I came across the WordPress github with this exact bug having been reported a week ago. I felt I would do the good samaritan thing and confirm that I had the issue along with my OS and browser version.

I even went so far as to test the other browsers I had laying around and report their status as well, with odd and mixed results. This morning I got an email saying that this issue was fixed a week ago and is now closed. I was… agitated. I wasn’t even using the new editor a week ago, I was asked and used it yesterday and it most certainly was not fixed.

What surprised me was just how dang angry this made me. Once I stopped for a second I admitted that I’m rather horribly sleep deprived from the overtime that almost feels endless at this point and extra irritated that I was looking forward to a 12 hour and 45 minute work day. That’s certainly a contributing factor.

I’m sure whoever is managing their project honestly believes that the issue is resolved. Once I got over my initial fury it occurred to me that it may be fixed in the dev build but not in the live build, but I have no way to check the current version and there was a much easier solution anyway. I just switched back to the classic editor. Problem solved, for now.

It did, of course, get me thinking though. I feel that the level of anger I felt over that was significantly more than it deserved and started picking it apart to see why. I start with the already mentioned sleep schedule. Additionally the sleep I do feels like it’s at the cost of other things I want to be doing. I haven’t touched a game outside of WarFrame all week and that’s just an hour or two a day to knock out some daily stuff. I’ve devoted additional mental resources to learning Python and loosely reading up on Ayn Rand’s objectivism. Someone I keep tabs on via YouTube seems to have become rather obsessed with it but listening to him talk about it was incomprehensible.

Ultimately I think I just stretched myself a bit thin. I could make the case that it’s my fault, but I don’t regret it so I let myself off the hook.

On the bright side, in the time it took me to write this my work day was reduced by a couple of hours, which is nice. I need a good day or two to crash a little bit. I’ve only been here four hours and already drank over a liter of Mountain Dew, it’s obnoxiously unhealthy. Some days I wonder if caffeine is the new smoking; “everyone was doing it.”

Y’all take care, looks I should be doing a bit more of that myself. Do as I say not as I do?

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