Fortuna Needs to Hurry Up and Other Irrelevant News

I was really hoping I’d have a solid post on Warframe’s Fortuna update today, but that relied on “this week” meaning “Monday or Tuesday” which obviously didn’t happen.

In the meantime I’ve just been getting up to random things. I did some powerplay stuff in Elite. I switched factions a while back in order to pick up some prismatic shield generators, but never actually did the work to get them.

Outside of that, we’ve been fishing around for some other games to mess with. One proposal on the table is Raft. We also ducked back into Bless and poked around there for a little bit. Might actually do a short update post at some point, though there really isn’t much to say. I also heard that Shroud of the Avatar now has a permanent free-to-play/trial tier, and that LoTRO is starting a progression server, so those are penciled onto the list of options as well.

In other news, I replaced my phone’s battery this morning with minimal damage. That’ll help quite a bit with communication. It was in a sad state where it only pulled a couple hours of light use between charges. I called the phone company last week when my internet was out and that took me from full charge to 75%.

My city and county also passed measures to allow alcohol sales on Sundays, liquor by the drink, and in a couple of cases, package sales. It’s about time. The senate remains a republican majority but the house has a democrat majority. We’re also returning to a board of commissioners with something along the lines of 80% in favor.

Don’t think I have much else to say today, at least not within the time frame available to think something through and write about it.

Y’all take care.

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