“Vote or Die” – P. Diddy

I literally can’t do anything without seeing a reminder to go vote. It’s mildly infuriating at this point and reminds me of the South Park episode where Puff Daddy threatens to shoot one of the kids if they don’t vote in the school mascot election as part of his Vote or Die campaign.

Which was a real thing, for the record. Of course that was… 14 years ago. In my rather youthful arrogance I even somewhat agreed with the premise that voting should be mandatory. While I do believe that it’s important, I’ve mellowed a little bit. There’s this sentiment of “if you don’t vote, you’re not allowed to have an opinion” which I’m falling away from as well. It’s more accurate to say that your opinion is a lot less relevant if you choose not to express it, but you’re certainly entitled to one.

Of course, my analytics indicate that I have very few american readers, so I’m not sure how relevant this is and to whom. I’m actually in a sort of apathetic state at the moment. I did some research, I know what’s on the ballot, and I’m fairly certain I know where all my votes will be going.

It’s funny in a way, I actively avoid american politics as writing material. I figure the horse is beyond dead at this point and the internet, y’know, may not be the best avenue for civil discourse. I discuss these things at length with my coworker and we’re extremely civil despite being on difference sides of the fence, so to speak. Ironically I think we’re closer to each other in opinion than we are to either party though, and in many ways I suspect we’ll have similar votes.

There is one issue I’m glad to see on the ballot though, and that’s a vote to move our county from a Sole Commissioner government to a Board of Commissioners. I realize that just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t make it right, but I’d rather have the oversight and control of a board even if things more more slowly as a result. The sole commissioner was very much a monarchy before, with no real checks or controls that I could see. It doesn’t help that I also heavily disagreed with the actions of our previous commissioner. At least the current commissioner allowed this to go to a vote.

There was a relevantly themed episode of the Freakonomics podcast last week too. I actually found that interesting, but the wheels of the machine move slowly.

Okay, you know what, not only am I sick of seeing it and reading about it, I’m sick of writing about it too.

Ankh-Morpork had dallied with many forms of government and had ended up with that form of democracy known as One Man, One Vote. The Patrician was the Man; he had the Vote. – Terry Pratchett, Mort

Technically, the city of Ankh-Morpork is a Tyranny, which is not always the same thing as a monarchy, and in fact even the post of Tyrant has been somewhat redefined by the incumbent, Lord Vetinari, as the only form of democracy that works. Everyone is entitled to vote, unless disqualified by reason of age or not being Lord Vetinari. – Terry Pratchett, Unseen Academicals

Y’all take care.

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