Something New – Galaxy Squad

I’m not sure where I heard about this game originally but it’s an indie title billed as a cross between FTL and XCOM. It recently came out and as a fan of XCOM I figured we’d give it a go. The current build at the time of writing is 0.15c.


The game starts with you putting together a squad of three… guys? I didn’t actually use the randomize look button. That guy on the left is also human, he just doesn’t look like it due to the shape and angle of his head. There are a few categories of starting equipment, which is just that, equipment. All skills and equipment slots can be changed by you later.


After that you select a starting system for your ship. I agonized a little and eventually picked the defensive option. Later on I figured out that these systems can be purchased too, but they’re pretty expensive.


This is the equipment and skills area. The top four skills are damage and accuracy with a certain class of weapon. The bottom four are mostly stat boosts and a skill for secondary equipment slots. I did struggle a little with the equipment, it looked like drag and drop, but it’s click to pick up and click to place.


Once you get past the initial cutscene you’re dropped onto the star map. You have to kinda look around and experiment to see what’s what. That gold/yellow line on the top right is the main story progression. When you fly to that node it’ll give you a prompt with recommended level and current level. The “tall” nodes are stations where you can buy gear, get quests, and buy things for your ship, including fuel. One unit of fuel is expended every time every time you move from one node to another. I generally buy back up to 30 every time I’m in station.


Whenever you visit a non-station/quest node for the first time you get a popup message with some form of event. Some are hostile, some are not, and you generally have the option to ignore it, which I never did.


The combat itself does feel and play a lot like XCOM, though not nearly as brutally difficult most of the time. There are a variety of midmission health and weapon pickups that provide extra health or a bonus item for that mission only. Somewhat more rarely is a crate of loot you get to keep.

Finishing a mission usually requires wandering around, as there isn’t any indication of where the remaining enemies might be and the mission doesn’t end until you find them and pump them full of bullets.

I didn’t finish the currently available story quest, but got the impression that there’s at least several hours of content here.

It’s rough around the edges, but it was stable and fun to play. I’m sure the art style wouldn’t be to everyone’s tastes, but I look forward to seeing where this game goes as it’s updated.

Y’all stay safe out there.


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