Megaman X Legacy Collection 1 and 2

I thought about doing this as one of my Something New posts but choose not to due to the extra effort of getting screenshots off the Switch, which is the platform I own them on.

Now, I remember the X franchise rather fondly, I know I finished the first one, I may have finished the second one, and I at least played the third one. Considering my oldest is about the same age I was when X1 came out, I figured he and the others may like it as well.

I completely failed to consider just how exactingly brutal they were. X1 is hard even for me, though my vague memories are starting to come back into focus and the reflexes and playstyle are settling back in. Of course, I’ve only finished Chill Penguin, the level the dash boots are in, and did at least enough of another stage to get the body armor. Only a few hours playtime in all.

Every title now possesses separate saves per profile and the ability to save, which wasn’t present in the earlier titles. No more writing down and putting in codes to keep progress.

Both collections also have a “Rookie Hunter” mode, which reduces the difficulty considerably. In the earlier titles it just makes you do more damage and take less, in the later titles, which have built in difficulty, it makes you dang near invulnerable when combined with the “easy” setting. I didn’t really like the option being present, at first, but I’m beginning to see the value in it.

I’ve watched my youngest play X8. Yeah, it’s kinda silly with the near invulnerability, but he’s playing it and enjoying it. The franchise is gaining new players and fans because this feature exists, so I’m a little less put off by it. I personally prefer the normal rage inducing difficulty, though some of the things in X8 I had to help with kids with. On easy and rookie hunter. Some of it is… brutal.

I picked them up on sale and I’d say it’s been well worth it. My oldest in particular has played a little bit of almost every title, mostly X8 though. He finished it on easy and switched to normal in an attempt to get the Ultimate Armor, a task I believe will take him quite a while yet. He occasionally plays X1, where I helped him get the body armor yesterday after doing it for myself. That should at least make his runs slightly easier.

Stay safe, don’t do anything Dr. Light wouldn’t do?

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