Twitter Account for the Blog and other Random Things

I’ve been slowly removing most of the blog’s connections to my personal accounts. I just set up a new Twitter account specifically for the blog for anyone that would rather use that to follow or communicate. The link is also in the menu above. I don’t like the way my banner looks at that size but I can’t be bothered to fix it at the moment.

In fact, I’m testing several different things to ensure that my little post links end up in various places like that Twitter feed, because I’m quite forgetful. I’m really having a crisis of time on my hands at the moment too.

I used to carve some time out of my evening to get things done, but since I started getting up at 3 AM for work I simply can’t, even being up till 10 is becoming unsustainable. As a result my Saturday morning, the other time I used to get some stuff done, has all but disappeared. I slept till nearly noon last weekend, the price I pay for pushing the clock during the week. Unfortunately there isn’t currently much of an end in sight. I’m don’t know where I stand on overtime until the Thursday before, at the earliest, and I already know we’re doing it again next week. I additionally have lost Wednesday evening due to Halloween. I don’t mind, as such, it’s for the kids after all, but the balance sheet still has to add up to 24.

It’s immensely frustrating.

I’ve entertained the idea of switching workplaces and/or careers off and on for several years now, with an increasing tendency towards on. I’ve yet to reach the point where I’ve written a new resume, mostly because a lot of my free time right now is currently during the work day. In bursts, but that’s a maintenance thing. If you get it running right then you don’t have as many emergencies. Writing the resume at work though, well, seems like a dick move. I dislike the current situation but apparently still have a little give a dang in reserve.

While I’ve worked here for around 12 years, I’ve had a variety of different roles. My current role is about half that, the single longest period of time I’ve held any one work role…. ever. I feel that the stability I like so much is becoming less of an asset and more of a burden, but I know that disturbing it will… unbalance things. Except that daily balance sheet, still gotta add up to 24.

I’ll catch y’all tomorrow. I got plenty of sleep today, at least, so hopefully I’ll be able to function long enough to do more than a wall of text rambling about… whatever.

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