Warframe – Plains of Grindalot

Right, so having stopped really playing the game for so long we just have so much stuff we haven’t done that it’s unreal. In an attempt to build the weapon from the last bit of story prelude we’ve been hunting the odd giant sentient creature thing in the open world area. To that end we’ve been grinding Quill Nexus faction thing so we can get a better amp. Well, I finally managed to get access to the third tier parts.


And it requires components I don’t have yet from the other “Ostron” faction. So now I have to grind that as well. Not a huge thing, really, I don’t exactly dislike the plains. I’m much more excited about the upcoming corpus city/frozen wasteland type of area in the Fortuna update. That’s in November sometime.


So I turned all my fish in and got to about this point. I can only gain 14,000 per day so there’s a minimum of two days work here. Probably more, as I doubt I’ll hit the daily cap. I really only played for a couple hours yesterday and that’s it.


Within an hour of this post going live my new warframe will be done. I’m looking forward to this one. I haven’t used Nekros for a long time, but I used it so much at one point that it’s still my most used warframe, along with the weapon I used with it, the Karak.

This is my first good stepping stone to a more permanent build to use instead of my go-to Inaros for high level missions. I don’t mind dropping some formas and an exilus adapter to really flesh this one out well. It also was not cheap, as it’s vaulted and I had to buy some of the parts. All said and done it cost about 100 plat and several days for slowly grinding polymer bundles and nitian extract.

While I’m working on that I really need to sort out my primary weapon. I like my Soma and Vectis Prime, but I’m just not pulling the kind of numbers I need. A lot of the higher end missions I’m only pulling 5% dps, consistently. Gotta get those numbers up. I don’t like feeling like I’m being carried through all the content. I realize small trash mob cleanup and revives are valuable in their own way, but I could be doing more.

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