SnagIt 13 – Obviously not mind controlled

So I picked this up in a humble bundle a while back because with so many different publishing platforms passing through my hands these days it’s hard to get a consistent screenshot key and user experience. This looked to me like it would fill that role fairly well, and it has, to a point.

It’s a great way to collect and manage an ongoing collection of screenshots with a built in editor and a fairly easy to use crop tool. Almost every image on my blog has passed through it at some point, even the rabbit and lizard picture are usually cropped or modified from the original. It also has a handy blurring tool for the times when cropping text or names would be inconvenient.

It’s certainly not a perfect option, and I’ve tried tweaking settings here and there to try and slowly mold it into what I want it to be.

See, the first major problem is that I currently have it set to open the capture in the editor so I can see what I got and decide to resnap it if needed. Some games tolerate this fairly well, some don’t. Warframe really doesn’t like it. It generates a lot of input lag that makes doing anything with fine maneuvering, like spy missions, difficult. Maplestory 2 doesn’t really like it much either.

The second one is the quality of my screenshots in Elite Dangerous. For whatever reason it seems to have issues with color and clarity. It’s really kind of hard to explain. It’s the difference between looking at the stars in the city vs in the country. You wouldn’t know they were there looking at the screenshot, but they were clearly present to me when I took it.

I’ve done some reading today and have some good ideas on what to try next. I actually skimmed the extremely boring and dry manual before I wrote this. So hopefully I can get somewhere.

If that doesn’t work, I guess I’ll try filing a support ticket, because I’m running out of ideas.

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