Warframe – Chimera Update

We recently got a large update to Warframe, 23.10 Chimera. You deserve some pictures here, but I couldn’t find the screenshots I wanted, the ones I could find were rather spoilery, and quite honestly I should have already been in bed, so I didn’t take new ones. I’m sorry about that, I’ll make an effort to avoid this just as soon as I determine the best course of action.

It was a rather large update, to the tune of 3 gigs and contained a wide variety of things, from tons of bug fixes, some new weapons, a sort-of new mission type, and a new quest prelude that wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes.

Not going to say much about the quest, but as with anything involving The Man In The Wall and quests in general lately, the creep factor was present. This quest gives the blueprint for one of the new weapons.

The biggest thing I had to deal with immediately was this, sort-of new mission type. It’s not really a whole new type of mission but more of a variant on existing “endless” type missions. It’s designed to be significantly more difficult. They said something about the mission failure rate for Warframe was about 2.5% and they wanted to make it go up.

I’ve only tried one so far, and we failed about 7 minutes in, so mission accomplished? It functions like an alert with a reasonably high level like 60-80, though the exact range escapes me at the moment. All the objectives take longer or otherwise have odd properties. Reward cycles that are normally 5 minutes are now 10, 5 waves is now 10 waves, etc. Some have other modifications as well, defense missions have you guarding an NPC instead of a monument of some sort. Additionally there’s restricted/no reviving allies.

The upside to all this insanity is twofold. Whereas a typical endless mission has a reward cycle that’s normally AABC, where A, B, and C are different loot tables and the good stuff is usually on C; the new missions are ABCC, with C off into infinity. This means lots of drops from the “good” reward table, if you can hold out that long. The second big perk is that even if you fail you keep the rewards that drop from the rotation tables, so unlike normal endless where people are likely to bail when they get what they want, there aren’t many reasons to stop before failure. Yeah, you lose all the dropped resources, but honestly there are faster and easier ways to get those than these missions anyway.

The biggest downside being that you cannot do these new alerts unless you have 100% map completion. I get it, it wasn’t even a priority for me anymore because I had access to most alerts, with only maybe 6-8 nodes unavailable to me. That’s very different from 100% though. We were around 35ish nodes short of 100% when the update dropped and it took us about four days to go through and finish them all off after we did sorties. We certainly weren’t the only ones, we met several people doing the same thing.

We did finish it and very briefly test the survival mission that was up at the time, but we didn’t make it the 10 minutes for the A cycle. My brother got swarmed and died fairly early and I couldn’t get the damage output to sustain myself the rest of the way. Part of that is my DPS is lower than it ought to be for this kind of content, an issue that I’m slowly working on.

I’ll try to get an update on Warframe collection in the next week or two, I just haven’t had time to sit down and do all the numbers. I know I’ve got at least two new frames since the last update, and I finally got my 50% off plat discount, so I grabbed 1000 plat while I was at it. This means I’ve actually built something to the tune of 7 more frames that I had collected the pieces for and didn’t have room to collect before, with some more on the way.

One of which is the Nekros Prime. Not a super popular frame outside of resource grinding, but I mained the non-prime version for so long that it’s still listed as my most used frame, ever. It was neither cheap, nor easy, and I’m still collecting the actual materials to construct it. So many polymer bundles… I did have to but some of the blueprints. I didn’t have the relics for one drop and didn’t get the drop from the others after using everything I had. I look forward to getting it on the field though.

I absolutely despise the new infinite equipment wheel. I like the fact that it’s now infinite, but the inability to put items where I want them is obscenely frustrating and requires a lot more planning that it did before. The new setup auto-removes empty spaces, so if you want something in the true west slot, you have to cram some other junk in there to reach that point in order to force it. Heaven forbid you run out of something mid-mission. I’ll probably end up piling my non-consumables and things I never run out of, if I can help it, near the beginning so they’re consistently located.

Good luck Tenno, get out there and, CUT DOWN THE, make the Lotus proud. I dunno, maybe the Lotus is the baddie? Are we the baddies?

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