Good news day for me

Apparently I missed all the news that came out yesterday. Good news that gives me several things to look forward to though.

First off MHW will be getting a MegaMan crossover event this Friday(10/19/2018) I haven’t exactly been poking it that much lately, but might make and effort for that. Not sure if I like the look of the Palico stuff from the event though. I mean, I like MegaMan and all, but in the media shots it looks kinda rough. I haven’t really even worked on the other events all that much either.

Elite Dangerous got a schedule of livestream dates and subjects leading up to the next big update. Every Thursday starting on 10/18 and lasting four weeks, with a beta launch date of 10/30.

The first livesteam(10/18) is discussing exploration and visual updates, it seems. Background sim and “scenario interaction,” whatever that is, will be on 25th. The new squadron/guild system on the 30th, the launch day, which happens to not be a Thursday. November 1st we’ll see the new mining system, and apparently wrap up with new ships on the 8th.

Overall I think I’m happy with that schedule. Naturally they’re doing the first one, and I’m assuming the others as well, at 7 PM British Summer Time. This is around 2 PM for me so I’ll unfortunately still be at work and will have to catch myself up after the fact. The two on the 30th and 1st will be a little strange, as BST will have ended but Eastern Daylight won’t. I’m going to assume this will put that livestream at 3 PM for me, which is still a bit early but I might at least catch the end of it.

These line up well with my current schedule, as I’ll probably have hit “max” level on Maplestory 2 and finished the MSQ by Friday, at which point I can spend some more time with MHW for the event(s) while we ride out the wait for Elite updates. Guess I need to add my brother’s joystick cable to my short list of wants. All this overtime going on; maybe I’m in the market for a new flight stick myself.

Hang in there hunters, commanders, and stay safe. Tomorrow is Warframe day, so I’ll see you Thursday.

One thought on “Good news day for me

  1. Hehe, yea. I’m also looking forward for the exploration upgrade. The first screenshots looked promising.

    How much it’ll add to the game will depend on how hard or complicated the new system is. Make it too hard and it’ll be a mess. Make it too easy, and it’ll be just another chore and a waste of time.

    I hope they manage to find the middle way. I think that finding the “important” stellar bodies is easy enough, while figuring out the actual gems requires some knowledge and understanding. If they manage to do something like that, it’ll be a great improvement to the game. 🙂

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