Something New – Maplestory 2

So this one is a bit out there for me. It’s certainly  not the kind of thing I would normally try, but I figured it was new so why not.


Now, this certainly isn’t for everyone. I have some friends that will never play this based on aesthetic alone. They simply don’t tolerate the cute chibi type of thing.

angry face

Don’t get me wrong, some things like these white eyed emote faces annoy me, no in and of themselves, but what’s the point of having massive brightly colored eyes when it’s going to be regularly stripped in cutscenes and replaced with…. this. I had some initial concerns about things in the beginning. Everything was falling over at the slightest tap, I wasn’t sure about the look and emote face, and then there are the controls…


The default controls use the arrow keys to move with most of the skills being in the WASD area. I tried that, but found it difficult to use and tried the “beta” mouse and keyboard controls. This allows me to move using WASD (or mouse click, but I haven’t been doing that) with the various hotbar slots and such spread around the outside of it. I have found this to be somewhat less awkward than the recommended controls.

plunger duck

I’m not sure the humor is exactly suited to everyone either. At first I figured it was just a target market thing, small children of all ages? There’s a fair number of references that come from media outside the small children age group.

for the hoard

Like this achievement, and I recently saw an NPC say “big badaboom,” a Fifth Element reference. It’s cute, Blizzard thoroughly proved that people love this stuff in MMOs and it’s been in most of them since.

skill tree

We’re not really max level yet, though we got about halfway in 3-4 hours, and that includes starting over with new classes at some point. The skill is, well, a skill tree. Many ability require ranks in one or more of the skills that come before it, in addition to a having a level requirement. They have multiple skill loadouts you can switch between, but you have to pay for them.


I spent some time doing gathering as well, though I haven’t touched crafting yet. Gathering is time gated fairly hard, you can only gather so much of one tier’s materials in a given time period. You can gather enough to finish Rank 1 and 2, but Rank 3 takes more time, that’s as far as I got. There appear to be about 13 ranks in all, yay me.

I will say one thing, where monetization is concerned I actually like the setup. Blue Merets, the cash currency, is a direct correlation with US currency. 100 Merets = $1.00. I always like this setup because you can simply look at things in the cash shop and know exactly what it’s cost is. Likewise their premium/patron status is only 490 merets/month. In addition to all that, there are also Red Merets that you can buy with the in-game money that can do most of the things blue merets do, including a 30 day premium package. I have no idea what the exchange rate is.

You can also pay merets for a “pattern” and create content to sell in the in-game store for merets. There’s a lot of questionable content in the user generated section, but it’s a nice setup anyway.

We’re still playing it at the moment, though the story has gotten somewhat less interesting as it has progressed. We’ll see how far we manage to get.

Y’all take care.

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