Is this the kind of content I want to produce?

I’ve been thinking a little bit lately about what I’ve been writing here, why I write it, and whether or not it’s a good idea to post it.

See, I didn’t really have a specific purpose when I started doing this, I just did it to do it. Yet here we are, nearly three months later, and I’m still doing it. Mostly random, mostly unfocused. Yeah, I tend to do Warframe posts on Wednesday, but the lately it’s “I did this specific mission on this planet 34 times trying to get this specific relic so I can do that specific mission over there that has a 3% chance to drop the part I need. Dangit, I didn’t get it, oh well maybe tomorrow.” That’s just boring grindy stuff. I mean, who cares? It’s not even fun to write about.

I mentioned recently that I spent several hours over a couple of days typing up a long post. Weighed in just over 3100 words I think. I even scheduled it to go live the next morning. Then the next morning I unscheduled it and it remains unposted in my drafts. I currently have no real intent to post it either. I gave some reasons in the post that replaced it, content, theme, general distrust of the internet with personal information, but if that’s the case, why did I write it to begin with? What’s the point of spending so much of my limited time creating content that nobody is likely to ever see? There’s a few I think.

One is that it helps me process things that are on my mind. That’s the kind of post this is right? I’v got a seed of an idea in my head and writing it forces me to assign words to it, make it real in a way. Also the process of explaining an idea helps my flesh it out for myself. How can I communicate something to another person with words when I haven’t really thought it through?

Second is that sometimes I look at a topic and think “hey, I’ve got enough to say about that to get a blog post out of it.” It’s a tough thing, right, to write something and put it in the world every day? Sometimes it’s a struggle.

Third is that it lends some structure to my activities. I can’t write a Something New (to me) post every week unless I actually play Something New (to me). I mean, I could just make it up, I guess, but then it’s wouldn’t have any value to me.

That’s it with anything though, isn’t it? At the end of the day, any activity I engaged in was ultimately intended to have some positive outcome for myself right? I write the blog posts to prove I can, to flesh ideas out more, to create some more structure for myself. I know what I’m getting out of it for myself, but what are you getting out of it?

Do the people reading my posts feel better, worse, or the same? Is it relevant? Did they learn something? Most important, is the answer one I’m okay with and if not how do I change it?

Past comments have indicated that I’m at least a net positive for some and I choose to believe that you wouldn’t be reading it if it was a net negative. People who want negativity don’t seem like the type to be quiet about it? How very prejudiced of me.

In a way I’m even questioning this post, right? I feel like I talk about this at least once a month in this weird circular way that may eventually become boring or mundane itself. Seeing and reading other people’s thoughts is kinda fun until you realize it’s just green beans all the time.

I don’t know, it’s not like I’m going to stop doing it, but I think maybe I’m taking it more seriously than I used to. Maybe to serious. I’ve begun to accept the fact that I have readers and followers and that’s shifted my idea of what belongs here. It’s not only about what’s in it for me, but what’s in it for you too. I like the random posts like this, and generally enjoy writing them. I would probably continue writing some of them anyway, even if they don’t get posted. What do you guys think? Do you want to read… this?

To bring it full circle and wrap up a little bit, that’s the reason the long post got canned. I didn’t feel that it brought the people reading it anything positive. Writing it helped set the overall story arc and events in form which I can now set aside. We all grow and learn and some things should be left in the past where they belong.

Y’all take care, I’ll see you again tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Is this the kind of content I want to produce?

    1. Well at least it’s not just me. Thank you for taking the time to read, like, and comment on my posts.

      Sorry to hear about the situation with your blog, but you do what you need to do for yourself yeah?

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      1. Just got to a point where writing about Warcraft issues was making it worse. It’s great when you can write about cool things happening, but when putting the thoughts to paper only make the issue more real, it’s time to take a mandatory break.


  1. Hmm, as I’m right now a bit short on time, my comment won’t be that coherent. So just a wild selection of thoughts:

    – The name of your blog is awesome.
    – I admit that I only read some of your postings. Whenever it’s Warframe, I skip, but that’s simply because I have absolutely no interest in that game any more.
    – Also, I guess that’s oki. It would be weird if everything you write would be of my uttermost interest. 😀
    – Other things I find interesting to read. When I find something worth commenting on, I also do so, but I read more than I comment upon.
    – I find it interesting, how you sometimes look at “off” aspects of a game. E.g. the black body radiation in ED. I know you’re right, but before I never looked at that aspect. I just had it as “because game” in my mind, but found it quite interesting, when you pointed it out.
    – I hope you keep up your diversity. There’s plenty of “one game only” blogs around, which I just tend to ignore. If I don’t play a game, I usually also don’t feel like I have to read about it, after all.

    So yes, all in all for sure a positive for me. 🙂

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    1. It’s all good, my day got derailed before I could respond properly. Is life.

      Not only do I not expect most people to read the Warframe posts, I do kinda observe the ebb and flow of views on the blog and those are some of my least viewed posts. Most people don’t even bother to visit at all on those days.

      And I couldn’t do a one game only blog. I’ve switched “primary” games probably four or five times since I’ve been doing it. So every 2-3 weeks or so. There’s a lot that goes into why that is, but it’s a personal trait as well.

      Thanks for the comment too!


  2. I try to write more for myself than to be enjoyed by other people. I want a place that I can go back to and reference and maybe someday point some of my friends to in order to show that I made something that I liked with my time while I was doing all this other stuff.

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