To Coalsack!

So I had a wild streak of crazy and went back to Elite Dangerous recently. Just a little bit. I upgraded my Diamondback Explorer with a better Frame Shift Drive and a better Fuel Scoop and decided I was going to go… somewhere.

I didn’t really have a specific goal in mind, I just wanted to take the thing for a test drive somewhere off the wall. So I pulled up my galaxy map and zoomed out to look around. I saw Coalsack pretty close by, relatively speaking, and decided that’s where I was going. I always wanted to see it anyway.

It took, well, a lot longer than I thought. See, I stopped in every system to honk the horn and discover all the celestial bodies, then I flew around and did a detailed surface scan of each one. Sometimes this is quick, only one or two stars to deal with. Sometimes it’s not, with 26 bodies, half of which are 500,000 ls away. I did it though. At the time of writing have just arrived at the edge. I had a system with 30-something bodies and just kinda went “nah, not today.” I think I was one jump away from my target system at the time.

almost normal.png
Something vaguely similar to normal space. I know it’s hard to see, but there’s some stars in there.
Coalsack, on the other hand is mostly just… black.

Now, having never been there, coalsack is WiErD. Large section of what would normally be stars, systems, and cloud in the distance are just… black. Empty, nothing. Hopefully I’ll get some more time in at some point and have more than a few words and a picture to show you.

Part of the Coalsack Nebula
Actual image of the actual Coalsack nebula taken by the “Wide Field Imager on the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope.” From webpage here.

Also started is the process of joining the Mobius PvE group. In addition to chickening out of a post, I’m also not a huge fan of PvP. I mean, I’m okay with a little here and there, but having a private group with absolutely none means that I can assume any players I run in to are friendly. I typically assume they’re hostile until proven otherwise.

This also frees me up to engage in any activity I want without having to worry that someone from an opposing superpower is going to show up and undo a session or more worth of work. It’s a good alternative to solo, which I’ve considered before.

mobius member

I hadn’t heard anything last I looked, but it’s also been a couple of days. By the time I got a chance to take screenshots it was already approved, yay! Hopefully next time I’m talking about it we’ll be seeing “There and Back Again – A Coalsack Story.”

Stay safe commanders, and remember, don’t fly without rebuy.

4 thoughts on “To Coalsack!

  1. Less than 3k people in that group? Interesting. I mean, a while ago Möbius made new groups, as the old ones were at the limit and they wanted to clean things up. I currently have access to both the old Möbius and to the new European group. And the new one in Europe is also already in the five digits.

    I didn’t know that the NA version has so low population.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The name on the screenshot tells me that it is. But considering the numbers, I really wonder about the split. Or splits as plural.

        1. With merely 2.5k people there, I find that this group is a bit of a waste. I think Möbius might actually be better off with a unified group.

        2. Why are there so few Möbius pilots in NA, while ours in Europe has significally higher numbers? Is the European playerbase so much bigger, or is there a difference in mentality?

        I can’t tell what it is, I just find the difference curious.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Me too. I’m trying to figure out how to best go about investigating it. I’ve got some… hypotheses?

        Huh, spellcheck says that’s at least a real word, so I guess it’s correct.

        It’s the kind of thing I’m likely to write about even if I never get a solid answer.


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