Something New – Torchlight 2


Unlike the people who played it when it was actually new, I got to just straight from the original Torchlight to Torchlight 2. Quite honestly the basic gameplay is extraordinarily similar. There were some things that stuck out.

First, the classes weren’t quite 1 to 1. That’s not really important overall, it was only disconcerting because I went straight from one to the other. On the whole I like the classes in the second one better. They have more… character… than the original. It was harder to tell what type of build to expect each class to have though.

item tags

One of the first noticeable differences was item tags were on by default and didn’t have the overlap that the first game had. This made it much easier to not only see what was on the ground, but pick up specific items. This was something I found extremely frustrating in the first game. I couldn’t find any way to make them stay visible, and when they were they overlapped. This meant I occasionally had to pick up things I didn’t way to dig down to something I did.

equipment req

Also an important mechanical difference is that the stat requirements can be overridden by level in stead of in addition to them. While this never impacted my play in a significant way, I imagine the end result was probably more flexibility in the mid to late game in how you can combine stats and gear.

auto id

Another thing that stuck out was that I wasn’t constantly receiving and using identify scrolls. In the first game I had so much stuff to identify that I was buying scrolls in town. In the second game I rarely needed them. They either didn’t need it at all, or would do so automatically within a level or two. If you give me an excuse to save some gold I’m certainly not going to pass it up.

At the time I first switched from the first game to the second, I had somewhat liked the first a little better. For all of it’s flaws it was easier for me to choose a class and make a straightforward build. I was really annoyed at the second that it wasn’t clear what to expect from some of the classes. Honestly I just wanted to build a warrior type character like I had in the first one to make it easier to compare the two and couldn’t really find something comparable.

Having said that second has some wonderful quality of life improvements. When it’s all said and done I don’t really feel like either is superior to the other. If I were going to devote more time to either title I would probably just start with the first one and play it through, but it depends on what sort of experience I’m looking for. I’d be willing to play either one.

I look forward to seeing what Torchlight Frontiers has to bring to the table. Which parts it keeps and which ones it does away with.

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