What are you, Mario, a chicken?

Yeah, apparently. I spent several hours writing a rather personal post that was even scheduled to go live today. I changed my mind though.

See, first of all, it was long. Around 3100 words long. The main reason though was tone and subject matter. It’s a fairly dark post and I’m not sure that’s really the type of content I want here.

Another reason is paranoia. Particularly where those events are concerned, I’m not exactly a trusting person. It was a very rough time and I’m not sure I want to create a situation that has the potential to bring any of it back.

Having nothing at all to do with any of that, I finally got my Switch at least functional again and got signed up for the online service. Naturally I downloaded their NES game collection that comes with it and tried Super Mario Bros, the first game I ever played.

Have the controls always been that sluggish? It felt a little unresponsive. There was a lot of running off ledges because my jump input didn’t get picked up in time. I honestly don’t know if it’s a port thing or if the original was like that too. I honestly haven’t played it in, well, decades.

Hopefully they’ll fill out the VC ranks a little better. Honestly Super Mario 1 & 3 and the original Zelda are the only things there that I’m overly interested in at a glance. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve never actually played. Maybe I’ll do some for a Something New post at some point.

It’s fun to watch my oldest play Super Mario and also run off half the ledges. At least it’s not just me.

My kids really want Super Mario Party as well. I normally wouldn’t mind, but I simply can’t afford to buy the game and enough joycons for us to all play, and I wouldn’t want to play two at a time, that… wouldn’t end well. Maybe Christmas, maybe.

Either way, I’m gonna go chicken out in Elite Dangerous for a while. I just submitted an application for membership in the PvE only Mobius group.

Live long and prosper y’all, cause Mario sure isn’t doing either at the moment.

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