Warframe Update – Busy Week

This weekend we toned the Guild Wars 2 down a little bit and spent some more time in Warframe. Man we got so much done. I spent a ton of time fishing to round up all those murkray livers and got a resource booster and went nuts on cetus wisps. It takes a little time to do a loop of every lake in the plains but I managed 4-8 wisps per trip with the booster.


We finally finished Mask of the Revenant and built the frame, even though I don’t have a slot for it. It was just a short one-off quest and it’s nice to finally get it done.

With all those wisps and livers I also completed the 111 amp, which as I was told was a massive improvement over the basic mote amp they give you to start with. With two of us and the new amps we were able to actually finish the eidolon Terralyst. Yeah, I didn’t really get a good arcane, but we know it can be done

I also mastered several weapons, Latron, Tiberon, Furis, Fragor, Lectra, the frame Vauban, and a huras kubrow. Also collected the last piece of the Harrow frame, the last piece of a Braton Prime, which got done cooking Monday morning. Made an Amphis, a Grakata for making Twin Grakatas, a couple of incubator power cores, the Diriga and Wyrm sentinels, and a Stubba.

A lot of the leveling was done doing the Kuva Fortress spy mission repeatedly to get the Harrow Neuroptics. We spent several hours learning and running that one mission Sunday. As spy missions go that tileset is absolutely brutal. Lots of long range scanners and really high enemy density.


We also took the time to do some runs on Kela de Thayme to get all the Saryn parts. I even got this rather nice Sentinel mod in the process.

Progress also marches on for the warframe collection project. It’s been quite some time since I mentioned it, but I just updated my spreadsheet and I’ve collected 19 parts since the last update bringing me up to 55% complete. That’s the first time I’ve broke the 50% mark and it even has the newest Prime warframe added to it.

survival vault.png

I labored under the delusion for a long time that Orokin Derelict vaults didn’t exist in the “infinite” mission types, but also learned this week that I was wrong. As evidenced by the fact that I’m looking at one on a survival map. I looked it up and apparently it’s only the assassination and defense maps that don’t have one.

Looking forward there’s going to be some more frame part grinding. I’ve simply got to start getting some plat built up to get some more frame slots in my inventory. I have several in various stages of being built that have no place to go.

In addition I ‘m just slowly trying to grind gear to get higher mastery ranks. I’m about halfway through 11 at the moment and I’m hoping the leveling gear I have now and have in the process of construction will be enough to at least hit 12.

“Heavy robotics signature detected. Lock and load.” – Lotus

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