What’s in a birthday?

It’s funny in a way, this is one of the topics my wife and I didn’t really see eye to eye on. It wasn’t really that big of a deal to me, but it is to her.

See I’ve never had a ton of close friends. My parents weren’t very social people either, so there was usually a cake, a couple of gifts, and that’s it. It was… acknowledged. Then at some point everyone just kind of stops bothering. If I want a cake, I have to get it for myself. I can have cake whenever, though, so it’s not like the calendar day on which I was born is really all that important. The most important part about it is that my vehicle tags expire on that day. Great reminder system, poor gift.

My wife on the other hand often had hers dismissed out of hand. Of course her parents would also withhold dinner and such if she something she did/didn’t do was deemed unacceptable, so not exactly the most caring bunch. As a result it’s rather important to her to have it recognized. Needless to say that generated some friction until I got the memo.

To be fair though, she doesn’t even expect a lot. She wants to to be obvious that you remembered and were thinking about it. Handmade and/or handwritten cards are a good low cost option. This year there are four, one a child picked out from Walmart that they all wrote in and one that each of them made.

She also got to go and participate in a color run in Atlanta last weekend and is expecting a rather nice, if somewhat carry-out, dinner tomorrow. It’s all small gestures and it’s important to her, so why not?

It’s still weird to me though, I don’t even like people knowing when mine is, much less doing anything about it.

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