More happenings in Guild Wars 2

Now that I have some people playing with me, we’ve continued with our random adventures. When all three of us are around we just sort of do whatever. Late last week we managed to three-man the first dungeon. It wasn’t to bad, except the part where we got trolled by the cave troll. That took several tries to get a handle on.

guild favor

We also managed to complete our first guild mission. We basically just spammed the mission till we got lucky enough to end up in the zone, locate the target, and take part in the fight. Admittedly I just asked in map chat as soon as we hit the zone and people generally point me in the right direction if they  know.


Those two activities were done with my Scrapper, which I was running a form of healing build on. Around the time we reached the end of the main story line my brother came to the conclusion that he didn’t like the overall playstyle of the Mesmer.


So he used a boost, which led to the discovery that he’d have to do the main story over again. In order to save some time later I went ahead and boosted my warrior so I could get credit for the story the second time through. I’ve really been enjoying this dual axe build.


I’m also kinda broke cause I’m a bit of a crafting junkie. Gives me something to work on during downtime and the bags from leatherworker are nice.


Extraordinarily frustrating though, was the time period between hitting level 80, the first time through, and unlocking the mastery system. Once the bar filled up it gave a little popup notification in the bottom corner telling me to do something I couldn’t do. It was… annoying. Eventually got it sorted though. Didn’t really know what to do with it though, so I just started pushing down the default skill for now.

quest progress

We initially went to do Heart of Thorns and realized we were missing some details, so we picked up season 2 of the living world content and we’ve been working through that first. I like most of the bits of actual content, and I love doing events in the open world to progress instead of everything being instanced. Man do they talk though. So, much, exposition.

Overall we’re trucking along though. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to do Ascalon Catacombs in exploration mode soon. Probably won’t get a chance till this weekend though. It’s hard to get all three of us online at the same time, especially for an extended period of time.

That’s pretty much the highlights so far. We’ll… keep doing this until we’re sick of doing it.

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