Something New – Alien: Isolation


This one is well outside the genre I typically play in. It’s also worth pointing out that I know almost nothing about the Aliens, um, universe? I’ve never seen the movies, just vaguely aware of it in the unavoidable pop culture kind of way. I’m sure this colors my experience to some degree.


The first thing that struck me was the amount of detail in the environment. I’d say I spent a good 15-20 minutes just wandering around looking at things and poking the environment. Also because it didn’t really give me much indication of where to go, so I just randomly wandered around till things happened. I was enjoying the trip anyway.

pallette jack.png

Hmm, a cursor snuck in there on me. Gotta love the palette jack though. It’s either that or a hand truck.

post it.png

Did I mention I was really enjoying all the little details? I could have taken so many more pictures.


I was on the “recommended” difficulty level. I’m not going to lie though, it wasn’t until an hour and a half in that I ran into anything trying to kill me and that was other humans. I never did see more than an arm of the games namesake.


Crafting was pretty straightforward. I’m assuming those are the only 7 ingredients, in addition to scrap which I’m treating more like a currency than an ingredient. I never did use this medkit though. The time between I realized I was in trouble and being dead was only a few seconds.


People are just so dang friendly on a dilapidated crumbling station that contains a homicidal “monster.”

Overall I was actually rather impressed. I’ll leave it installed but by the time I get a chance to return to it I’ll have no idea what I was doing. Atmosphere was pretty solid and environmental detail was on point. Certainly a nice gem in the giant pile of my steam library.

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