MHW – PC Camera Update

Right, so there was an update to Monster Hunter World on PC and it wasn’t much, just a new camera control option. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference at first but now that I’ve nailed it down a little bit, I figured I would share.

Type 1 – This is the “like a controller” option. The original scheme, as it were. I personally didn’t have any issues with it, at least none that I was aware of at the time. In this mode it appears to scale down and/or ignore DPI settings for mouse input. The result is that compared to type 2 the camera doesn’t seem to move as far given the same amount of mouse movement. Additionally, it has an odd sort of deceleration drift. It moves just a little bit after you stop the mouse

Type 2 – This is the new “like a traditional PC camera” mode. I’ll probably use this one, though the differences aren’t huge, personally. It doesn’t scale the mouse input the same way, which gives you a little more travel for your movement. This is supposed to handle DPI settings much better but I haven’t received my replacement mouse so I couldn’t test that. Really the biggest difference is how suddenly the camera stops when mouse movement stop. It doesn’t have the odd sort of drift that’s present in Type 1.

I really hadn’t noticed, to be honest. I always thought input felt a little sluggish in Dauntless but I guess I got used to the slight delay along with animation locking and probably didn’t think much of it when it came to camera movement.

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