Something New – MU Legend


This title was actually somewhat surprising. See, when I picked it as a Something New title, I did so from the steam store homepage. It looked and sounded MMOish and I just assumed it a was a random throwaway KMMO. In reality it’s an ARPG. The overall aesthetic reminds me of the Diablo series, but that’s also because it’s an isometic “murder hordes of enemies” sort of game.


It had five different classes with two subclasses each. The classes are, of course, gender locked. Unlike the Diablo series though, you have some manner of control over face, hairstyle, hair color; you know, typical MMO stuff.

tutorial start

The “tutorial,” and I assure you, that belongs in quotes, was not very tutorially. It didn’t really teach many any game mechanics. It was more of a prologue with a ton of things to kill with an entire hotbar of abilities.

I missed a lot of the story content because I was helping children. Something about being unable to defeat the big bad now that he’s been unsealed and sending back in time to prevent all of it. You basically land in the woods unconscious and with amnesia. Go figure.

in the woods.png

On the whole it’s not a bad game. I did run afoul of some bugs. The “tutorial” in particular I got stuck at one point. A bridge got destroyed and I was a bit to close, I got stuck in a part of the geometry. It was an easy thing to fix though, I had to quit to character select and log back in. It started the whole “tutorial” over again. It seems like there was something else as well, but it escapes me at the moment.

Another good point though, is being FtP I’m assuming there’s a cash shop, but during the time I played I don’t recall ever seeing it. This is always a good thing to me. There are a lot of FtP and BtP MMOs I don’t really play because I feel like the cash shop is always being shoved in my face. SWTOR comes to mind.


That’s another odd point about this game though, unlike Diablo, the overworld is static and populated with other players. I had already pegged it as a Diablo clone by the end of the intro and wasn’t really expecting anything unique. It wasn’t a ton of players, really, but they were a regular appearance. Especially the guy that kept challenging me to a duel for some reason.

It’s not a game I’m likely to be playing again. Personally if I really wanted this sort of game I would probably go play Path of Exile instead. It’s nice to see a game doing something a little different once in a while though.

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