Warframe – Mask of the Revenant, Eventually

mask of the revenant

So there’s a new update out with a new quest and a new warframe. It went straight to the top of my to-do list. Went to Cetus, a sort of open air market on Earth, only to learn that my standing with a faction called The Quills isn’t high enough.

quills standing

I had never even started, so I had, and have, a lot of grinding to get done. This is mostly because I wasn’t actively playing when the Plains of Eidolon were released. Even once I came back I’ve only tinkered with it, not actually done any of the legwork.

The thing is, the quills faction is increased by turning in “Intact Sentient Cores.” It took some digging to figure out how to get these. Basically small flying attack drones spawn on the plain at night. If you shoot them in operator mode you can actually destroy them and they drop a core. I honestly had no idea before now. I just ran from them because I didn’t seem to be able to destroy them.

Now, the problem is these bad boys are exchanged for 100 standing each. As you can see I’m about 115 short just to max out standing for this rank. I haven’t even looked to see what I need for the actual rank up once I’m there.

They seem to be the most dense near the giant sentient terralyst thing, so we got in the habit of popping out during the night cycle and following it around. An entire night typically yields 80-90 cores.  It seems we can get additional and/or higher end cores from damaging the giant war machine thing, but it took the two of us all night and every scrap of ammo we can and could get just to burn one of them down.

revenant parts.png

On the upside, we spent the day cycle running a ton of missions. So many missions in fact that we managed to get all the blueprints we’ll need to craft the frame itself when the time comes.

I honestly don’t know at what point we’ll have time to finish up the reputation grind, much less the quest itself. It’ll probably be this weekend before I have the time to really sink into it again. The night cycle alone is 50 minutes long and the day cycle between is 100 minutes, meaning that from the time I log in it can take up to two and a half hours to get one good run in.

I’ve been taking advantage of that to grind the main faction in the city using bounties, but between MHW and Battletech I just can’t spare that kind of time if I’m going to sleep and get writing done as well. In fact, I spent a good bit of time Sunday getting my materials together for the main faction, I just have to get my standing back up to max and I’ll be able to increase it again.

They added some new weapons and such with the plains that I need to start working on acquiring. I could really use the mastery points.

“Still working on it, continue to defend.” – Lotus

2 thoughts on “Warframe – Mask of the Revenant, Eventually

  1. I recently got to learning about the Quill standing grind too. The Teralyst shields can be blasted off right quickly if you build the first amp available to you once you rise in standing (I think they call it 111). Naturally, those on the higher end have more “meta” options but 111 works where the mote barely does.

    Since I’m solo, that took care of the shield phase but now I’m stuck in the limb damage phase. My best sniper rifle vectis prime is only doing 455 damage to it per shot. No lanka, and my available mods probably are terrible. Oh well. Back to some other grind to improve those before trying again. There’s always killing the itty bitty ones when desperate.

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    1. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll look into it. We were basically just farming the little ones. They’re pretty abundant around the big guy.

      I’ve been looking at the damage types on his limbs and it looks like loading up on radiation with a puncture weapon is the way to go.


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