Lost Notes and a Minimum Word Count

I’ve seen some of my fellow blaugustans have the remainder of their posts/drafts set of for the rest of the event, and that’s great! I on the other hand am just barely ahead of the line. I actually like it here, it means that my posts still feel somewhat fresh or relevant when they go up. I feel really weird when they go live and I can no longer remember what, exactly, I even wrote in it.

What I’m actually asking myself right now is what kind of balance I’m looking for in my content. I’ve tried to stay away from too many gaming posts in a row because then I feel like that’s all I’m writing and I generally enjoy these more rambly, thinking in words sort of posts.

I’m also at a bit of a loss because I have temporarily misplaced my backpack, which has my master list of topics to write about. This has left me freestyling a little bit. With any luck I’ll find it in the next day or so and be back on track.

The good news is, we have a new quest/frame in Warframe. I’m not in a position to do it yet, but I’ll be able to write about working up to it this week.

I’m also debating breaking schedule on something new posts. I intended to cover Battletech this Sunday, but I also wanted to try a couple more MMOs. I’m just having a minor time problem. I’ve been putting a couple hours a day into Warframe then rolling into MHW which is sitting at around 80-90 hours played at this point. Somewhere in here I still have to find some time to write, look through other bloggers’ posts, and put enough hours into “something new” to get a decent post about it.

On the bright side, it’s helping keep me busy, something I’m not accustomed to but welcome. It’s also keeping me engaged with a community, if somewhat less talkative on discord than I was before.

Another odd quirk I picked up around the middle of the month is I’ve been deliberately trying to get at least 500 words per post. There’s no real reason why, and no reason why I arbitrarily chose 500. I was just working on something that was close, decided to go ahead and try to cross the line, then kept doing it. I actually consider anything crossing the 1,000 mark to be “long” so it’s a weird sort of minimum to have.

Part of it is that historically I always disliked writing to a word count minimum. Why should I write three paragraphs when I can answer this in only a couple of sentences? I tended to get straight to the point and didn’t feel the need to expand upon what was clearly an efficient answer.

It’s also super awkward trying to address the current word count in writing. I’m watching it go up, and I could mention what it currently is, but if I used the number before I write it, it’ll be wrong after I write it. If I use the number after I write the sentence, it doesn’t reflect the count at the time I had the thought? It just feels awkward to address directly.

It suddenly occurs to me that once blaugust is over I won’t actually have it around to provide topics and jumping off points. This is… concerning.

Either way, stay safe out there folks.

2 thoughts on “Lost Notes and a Minimum Word Count

  1. I have been enjoying your posts. I understand the not wanting to JUST write about games – I felt that way as well. BUT gaming is such a big part of my everyday. I figure i just need to keep everything tagged well *shrug* not that its going to matter cause everything gets jumbled up anyway.
    As for queing ahead of time – I did do that for the month. Those are the post with character inspiration images. I picked random days and just placed them there. Although i knew they would be more on fridays and saturdays since those are my days off work and I am usually out and about lol.
    500 words is a good amount of words – I don’t count words any more – it was making me anxious.
    But do the best you can – I’m here ^_^

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