Monster Hunter World – Two Week Thoughts

UPDATE: I chose to leave this post as it is because it reflects my experience during the first two weeks. There was an update Thursday that appears to have addressed some of the multiplayer problems. I can’t speak to disconnects because I’ve had nights where that wasn’t an issue. It does,however, seem to have eliminated the constant notifications. Neither of us recall seeing any last night.

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It’s been two weeks since the launch of Monster Hunter World and I felt I should put an update out there. Suffice to say the launch hasn’t exactly gone smoothly. It’s still sitting about 40% positive on Steam reviews. I personally don’t put a lot of stock in Steam reviews, as they’re prone to brigading and other forms of abuse. I’ve found it to be a rather pleasant experience. Y’know, outside of the one reason their reviews are getting hammered.

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I’ve been working mostly with the Insect Glaive. Here I’ve got the Datura Blade II and a few bits of armor that help me with mounting and airborn damage. I’ve only just started tinkering with high rank armor and skills, which is why I’m wearing that nice fur coat I made from an inflatable bat.

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kulu mount.png

Naturally as an insect glaive user I spend as much time as possible trying to get on the critter’s back and repeatedly stabbing it until it falls over. This picture was us trying to lure out a Bazelguese. It never works when I want it to.

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We finally managed to

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Managed to

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nergigante corpse.png

Killed Nergigante. It took several days of prep, a ton of items, and I was starting to get fairly frustrated. This was the first truly hard fight that we’ve had. We also actively avoided Bezelguese up till now, though we specifically need some of his parts with Nergigante out of the way.

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black diablos.png

So we were killing stuff during an expedition, in this case a diablos, because we haven’t killed him on high rank yet, and this gorgeous lady of death, a black diablos, rolled up near the end of the fight. No, we didn’t even try. We ran. Far, far, away.

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Now, all jokes aside, the game has been rightly criticized for two main things. One is that multiplayer connections are unstable. Some days are better than others. Some days the two of us can play with literally no disconnects and interruptions, and sometimes it’s a constant fight all night long. This is especially a problem in the middle of a hunt, because we either have to finish it separately, solo, or both of us must leave and set up a new session. We have not found any way to re-join a quest in progress once a disconnect has occurred.

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The second issue they have is the constant flow of notifications. I have friends that say offline on steam now because there are two of us playing. I get irritated with just one persons notifications, two must be absolutely crazy. When it does pop up for me, it’s directly on top of my item bar. It’s not an issue most of the time, but if I’m dieing and need to find my mega potions it’s especially hard when I can’t see the items.

They’ve said they’re working on it, and I’m sure they are. I’m enjoying the game so much that I’m just powering through it anyway, so it’s not exactly game breaking. It is a major inconvenience though. Hence the 40% positive reviews. Not everyone has been as forgiving as myself.

Good luck Fiver!

2 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World – Two Week Thoughts

  1. I’ve been playing Warframe a lot more than MHW, and for the past two weeks, I still see those notifications popping up just because someone in my friends list happens to be playing it fanatically…

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    1. That’s unfortunate. It seems to have solved the notification issue for me, neither me nor the person I’m playing with are seeing each other’s notifications any more.


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