Warframe – Grineer Asteroid Spy Visual Walkthrough

spy block

My goal here is to provide a visual walkthrough of spy missions using the Grineer Asteroid tileset. It took me a long time to get decent at some of these and I thought I’d share that experience. Having said that, the process of writing and putting together this guide has improved my own knowledge and skill level considerably.

I’m going to start by going over the general hazards and enemies to keep an eye out for then I’ll go over the individual rooms themselves.


arc trap

Arc Trap – These are mostly just a nuisance. They do a little damage but don’t set the alarms off. Just shoot it or eat it.

door scanner.png

Door Scanner – These are a little more tricky. Doors with an active scanner have a laser field inside them. Just shoot the scanner with a silenced weapon.

laser field.png

Laser Field – These are slightly dangerous if you’re in a hurry. They knock you down, drain your energy, and set off the alarms. The ones in an automatic doorway are generally disabled by shooing the scanner on top. Some of them can be disabled with a terminal, and some, like this one, blink off and on and you just have to jump/slide through with good timing. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be difficult to see at times. You have to try and watch for the orange bars on each side.

laser trip wire

Laser Trip Wire – Not a whole lot of these and my experience with them is mixed. It seems possible to graze them and take a little damage but direct hits tend to function much like the laser fields. They’re typically found inside the ductwork sections of these maps.


sensor regulator

Sensor Regulator – These guys have a cone of vision displayed as orange laser lines. If you end up in the field of vision they’ll set the alarms off. The range on this is pretty high but functions via line of sight, so you can hide behind solid objects. Glass doesn’t count. The lines are not indicative of their range, it’s much further than the lines. If you have decent gear you can generally destroy them with a sliding melee attack from behind or an airborne drop attack. If you attack it and fail to destroy it in one hit the alarms will go off.

sensor eximus

Sensor Regulator Eximus – Same as above but with significantly more health. It’s possible to destroy these, but honestly you’re best off avoiding them if at all possible. Trying to take them out is a high risk action.

jackal lynx.png

Lynx – If you set the alarms off in the aptly named “Lynx” room it will active a four legged attack bot. It has little shield drones that protect it from damage. You have to destroy all the drones then hit it. It can and will redeploy them if you can’t kill it quick enough. It can also deploy a “Lynx Turret” that can cause a fair amount of damage if you don’t take them out.

Room Walkthroughs


jackal entrance

This room is fairly straightforward.

jackal first room.png

From the entrance there’s a door with a scanner ahead and to the right.

jackal first room right door.png

Just shoot it out and go through.

jackal second room right door.png

This puts you in a large room with one or more enemies, usually Sensor Regulators. I usually shoot out the scanner on the right after passing through, but this isn’t required.

jackal electrical box.png

Advance along the edge of the room and hide behind the grey electrical box while keeping an eye on the Regulator. Once it’s moved past, drop down on the console and hack it.

jackal second room computer view.pngAfter that just bullet jump back up and run out.


manufactory entrance.png

This one is somewhat complicated and has two different solutions.

manufactory first room.png
First room, conveyor will be to the right.

manufactory conveyor entrance.pngThe easiest way is to enter the conveyor area on the right.

manufactory conveyor view.pngWatch out for laser fields and the large balls that are easy to get stuck on.

manufactory upper platform.png

Advance through the first field arch and bullet jump up onto a platform directly above the end of the conveyor.

manufactory duct laser.png

You can enter a round duct with one or more laser trip wires that you must slide under and come out onto an enclosed section of conveyor.

manufactory upper conveyor.png

manufactory stealth drop.png

If you walk off the edge you can drop along the wall into the terminal room.

If at any point you set off the alarms the drop down area will be closed off with a blast shield.

manufactory spaghetti room.png

Instead you have to enter the “spaghetti room” and drop down by the door where the Sensor Regulator tends to hang out.

manufactory spaghetti door.png

There’s a console next to the door that must be hacked in order for it to open and allow access to the terminal.


parkour passage entrance.png

I had a lot of issues with this one because it requires some practice.

parkour passage entry point.png

You can slide through a hole on the right side to reach a platform above a pit.

parkour passage route.png

If you wall jump along the “pipes” in this room it leads to a vertical pipe section that enters more round ductwork. There’s a moving laser tripwire in the center that you have to avoid. I generally start the jumping right as it starts moving downward from the top.

parkour passage ceiling pipe

Once you’re in the ductwork just follow it.

parkour passage ceiling pipe exit.png

After you exit you can look to the left and follow the support structure to the end.

parkour passage upper path.png

There’s a piece of tubing high up on the wall that will drop you directly into the terminal room.

parkour passage lower path.png

If for some reason you can’t, such as the path being closed because of alarms, you can drop down and hack the door terminal. This is inherently more risky due to sensor regulator patrols, but if the alarms have already gone off it won’t matter.

Terminal Scanner

manufactory entrances.png

This is by far the most complicated of the bunch. There are two moving laser fields that protect the terminal. Each of them is disabled by a hacking a specific terminal. Both must be disable in order to extract the data with no alarms.

laser field first room.png

The rectangular first room has a Sensor Regulator in the back left corner that patrols this room.

laser field first room behind sensor.png

If you enter and hang an immediate left and follow the outside of the room you can get behind it and either destroy it or follow it until it turns. There’s some round ductwork on the right hand wall that leads to  a small room.

laser field first terminal.png

Terminal A is to your left in this room. After hacking that you continue from that room through more ductwork.

laser field first terminal exit.png

It comes out on top of some pipes in a larger rectangular room with Sensor Regulators patrolling in it.

laser field back passage entrance.png

You want to immediately turn right and go through more ductwork to a tiny room with two other exits.

laser field back passage split.png

One in the floor, one on the far end of the wall to the left. You drop down the hole in the floor to a series of rooms that lead to Terminal B.

laser field lower passage entrance.png

laser field lower passage terminal room.png

From there you exit back out the way you came in and take the far exit from the tiny room. You have two options here.

laser field upper platform door terminal.png

You can hack the terminal on this upper platform to unlock the door. I always do this even though I don’t normally use this route. If for any reason you get detected later your only point of access will be this door.

laser field back corner sensor drop.png

For the aggressive route, go to the corner and drop attack a Regulator,

laser field second sensor.png

walk along the back edge of the room behind the other Regulator and take it out, giving you free access to the terminal room.

laser field silent duct.png

Or you can follow more ductwork back around to the first room for a somewhat safer route. This is the route I normally take.

laser field final duct.png

On the wall to the left of this duct exit is a small duct entrance with a timed laser field. This room still has a sensor regulator in it if you didn’t destroy it, so be cautious, if it detects you you’ll have to backtack.

laser field final duct field.png

If you slide through when the field is off you can drop directly down into the terminal room.

If for any reason the alarms have been tripped, this second path will be closed off. In that case you must use the door hacking route.

Central Tower

central tower entrance.png

This used to be one of the hardest for me, but I now have a method that makes it almost trivial.

central tower door view.pngEnter through the left hand door and bullet jump from that platform to the upper platform on the wall.

central tower platform view.png

Bullet jump from that platform to the back alcove. Sometimes there’s an arc trap here, deal with it as you see fit.

central tower alcove view.png

Once there you hack a terminal to extend the bridge and shoot out the sensor above the door. This give you direct access to the terminal room.

central tower final terminal windows.png

Beware, there are patrolling Regulators in the main room. They can and will detect you on the bridge, or through the windows on the bottom/sides of the terminal room, so be aware of their position and direction of travel before crossing the bridge and plan accordingly.


elevator entrance.png

This one used to be a fairly complicated and roundabout room that required hacking a terminal to raise the elevator and then backtracking to the first section where the elevator is. All that is mostly unneeded.

elevator first room enemy.png

The first section typically includes a patrolling sensor regulator or sometimes a living enemy.

elevator first room pillar.png

For the regulator I usually hide behind a column and run through the door when they’re not looking.

elevator first room assassinate.png

On the off chance it’s a living enemy, they die.

elevator upper walkway.png

Once through the side door there’s an upper walkway you can bullet jump up to.

elevator upper path.png

You can follow this into the center of the room where there’s a passage with timed laser fields.

elevator terminal.png

If you navigate through the fields you can drop down into the room with the elevator terminal.

elevator lower path entrance.png

At the back of this room opposite the terminal is a hole in the floor. Sometimes it’s guarded by a timed laser field. Just drop down when the field goes away.

elevator lower duct.png

This puts you in some ductwork with laser trip wires. Slide under and bullet jump over these as needed. At the end you can bullet jump up into the terminal room. There’s an enemy patrol in this area so you may have to deal with that first.

That covers the basics I think. Many of these types of missions are affected by difficulty. Lower level missions have less fields, scanners, and enemies, while higher level ones tend to have more.

Let me know if you want to see more of these. I enjoyed making it, but cannot do so every week due to the amount of time and effort required.

Stay sharp Tenno, you are surrounded by Grineer marines.

2 thoughts on “Warframe – Grineer Asteroid Spy Visual Walkthrough

  1. Bookmarked for reference. I’m pretty bad at spy missions and tended to avoid them like the plague. Recently picked up Loki and have a lot of new frames and weapons to rank up, so I’ve started back on the easiest Tier 1 spies to learn ‘em slowly and change my opinion of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it took a long time to get decent. I thought I knew them fairly well before this, but I still have plenty to learn. I’ll probably try to do earth tileset next.


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