Keeping Myself Motivated

Right, so tomorrow is the beginning of “Staying Motivated Week” and I feel that it’s fairly well timed. I’m beginning to feel the pressure of having crossed off most of the topics I had in my notebook without having replaced them.

Now lack of content, I feel, is a somewhat different issue than staying motivated. Where motivation is concerned I’m rather stubbornly committed to proving to myself that I can do this. I’ll load this thing up and make an entire post about not knowing what to post if I need to, even though the goal was simply to do something. In that regard, I have already succeeded.

This leaves the big question though, what happens after Blaugust? If Blaugust is the current reason for doing what I’m doing, what reason exists when September rolls around?

One reason is that, at the moment, I’m enjoying the experience. I’ve given some thought to dropping posts per week to 5, or setting up a couple of days a week as fairly short posts. The effort of feeling like I need to post something meaningful every day is tiring.

I also learn a lot from some of the posts I do. The Warframe guide that’s going live tomorrow has increased my skill level at that specific tileset/mission type far beyond what it was when I started. So much so that I had to re-write entire sections of it.

My Something New posts on Sunday are something I’m also growing fond of. It’s an excuse to take a break from my day to day routine and do something, well, different. I have two more of those lined up at the moment and a massive list of Steam games I’ve never installed, much less played.

The big catch though, is boredom. At some point, I will likely grow bored. It’s subtle. Writing posts will go from interesting outlet to “same ol’ routine” which begins the slow slide into not posting. Of course, there are ways to fight the boredom, but it seems to be an inevitable reality for me. Many times have I picked up something new, crochet, knitting, lost wax casting, among others. Honestly after the initial learning phase I tend to lose the steam. The point where it becomes tedious repetitive work instead of a flow of new things.

Where does this leave me for September? I honestly don’t know. I currently have no intention of stopping. I know there are some people who enjoy reading my posts for reasons I can’t fathom, but I’m glad they do. I personally enjoy the community that surrounds Blaugust as a whole and it has pushed me to learn new things and add new things to my list of subject to write about. I’ve added four, five, six in the time it took to write this, so things are looking up again.

Alas, we’re all different people with different lives and schedules. We’re all here, we all have blogs, we’re all writing things in them. We have all succeeded in a way. Maybe not to the extent that we wanted to, or would like to, but we have.

Keep up the good work guys, I’m enjoying reading as much as writing.

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