Something New – Guild Wars 2

New to me anyway. I tried the game briefly a while back and just couldn’t get into it for some reason. I decided to give it a second go because I’m stubborn and I want to like it. It was also a good opportunity to play with my oldest child since it’s free to play.


I abandoned my original Norn Engineer and rerolled as a Charr Warrior. I have no idea why I like this character. Maybe because it’s different, as I don’t normally do the straight warrior type of class.

Ashford Complete

So I spent a while running around the starting zone doing, well, everything, basically. That’s how I got to level 19. I wandered into the next zone over but was having issues of being too low level, which was confusing since I had done everything in the previous zone and that’s not how I expected this to work.

Diessa Started

I did eventually learn that I was merely in the wrong section of the zone. I found the gate to the main city and the content in that area was more my level.

land mine

I ended up clearing the road of landmines and human terrorists and managed to get 20.  I went ahead and did the level 20 personal story. This may be somewhat spoilerish, I  have no idea how the personal story works. If  you’re worried about that kind of thing, skip the next couple of paragraphs.

I wasn’t really into it at first, it was basically “Your father is an idiot, go fix it.” I mean, he stole an important relic that belonged to the humans we’re supposed to get along with to trade it for one of his buddies who got captured by the terrorists. He’s an idiot, it was a bad plan. His buddy died anyway, he got arrested and sentenced to death.

story choices

Then he asked us to bail him out so he can prove… something. I’m honestly not good with this kinds of choices. I maintain he’s an idiot, but since he seemed to be an idiot with his heart in the right place I eventually let him out. Which took a lot, because I’m a more letter of the law kind of person most of the time and his actions up to this point have been… questionable.

scenic view.png

I like this view so I took a picture. Admittedly, my progress in this game is going to be somewhere between slow an nonexistent. I like it, but the majority of time with spent with Warframe, MHW, and keeping up with blog posts. The soft commitment to cover something new once a week is also proving challenging. I have some things lined up, but finding the time to sit down with them, take pictures, and write a post is weird because I’m used to focusing on only one or two things to the exclusion of pretty much everything else.

Here’s to breaking routines to do new stuff. Life would be kind of boring without upsetting the cycle once in a while. Peace.


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